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Business Shree Vijay Wire & Cable Industries was established in the year 1975 with the objective of setting up an ultra-modern plant for the production of highly qualitative products. In the journey of more than 35 years today we became the leading exporter of India. Today we has emerges as a leading manufacturer of warning tape, HDPE pipe, PLB Pipe for various application as well as Sprinkler System for irrigation purpose. Our products are having high quality and certified as per the various IS standards laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standard. We have often seen some different colored tapes in our .mon routine life at the roadside areas. These tapes cover a digging area or a constructed area. These tapes give us a warning to be away from that particular area or not to enter that area. Thats why these tapes are called warning tapes .Warning tapes are found at every site of constructed area giving us some warning or message as not to enter, work at progress, tele. cable below,OFC/copper cable buried below, caution Mes., highly inflammable gas pipeline below, etc. Types of Warning Tapes:- There are various types of warning tapes according to there fields. Here are some instances of warning tapes:- FIBRE OPTICAL WARNING TAPE: – this type of tape is used against accidental dig-ins of fibre-optic cables. It helps to alert operator and all job site personnel to stop digging immediately. TELEPHONE LINE WARNING TAPE: – It is to be used to alarm those working with digging machines of the presence of underground installation. It shows where telephone lines are located. GAS PIPELINE WARNING TAPE: – It protects gas and oil pipelines from unwanted diggings. This underground tape provides protection alerting workers to stop digging. CABLE PROTECTION WARNING TAPES: – It saves buried cable lines from accidental digging. OIL PIPELINE WARNING TAPE: – It protects oil pipes from unwanted dig-ins. It is used over buried oil pipelines. It finds out the correct position of pipes. DETECTABLE WARNING TAPE: – It is laid on underground water pipes, cables, pipelines etc. from being damaged during construction. Shree Vijay Wire & Cable Industries you to its website, we are a leading manufacturer and exporter of a wide array of warning Tape, H.D.P.E Pipe & PLB Pipe. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified .pany having a more three decade of our experience is judiciously encased in making each product of best engineering and design. We are located in Jaipur (India) which is very well known as a Hub of HDPE pipe across the world. We are equipped with the most modern plant and technology. We believe in maintaining high standards of excellent quality, effort and action. An on-going process of moving ahead we look forward to serve you in best possible way. We wish that you would be satisfied with us and will be.e our life long valued custome. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: