Chang’an Avenue built the first art flower discovered a Golden Bridge – Sohu Culture Channel

Chang’an Avenue built the first art flower discovered a "Golden Bridge" – Sohu culture channel newspaper news (reporter Wang Bin) yesterday, Chang’an Avenue’s first piece of art "the Silk Road" the flower bridge building work has been completed 80%, today will be basically completed. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that, "the Silk Road" to the bridge Zhaozhou Bridge as the prototype, the "The Belt and Road" along the national flower, flower into nearly twenty thousand pieces of transparent silk road "BRIC", constitute a "golden bridge". The work, which was unveiled last year in Milan, World Expo, has attracted worldwide attention. National Day this year, along the layout of the Chang’an Avenue 10 three-dimensional flower beds. Yesterday afternoon, BYD reporter saw in Chang’an Avenue, a bridge of golden Dongdan has appeared in the southeast corner of the intersection, several staff members are added to the skeleton". According to "the Silk Road" Golden Bridge art creators Shu Yong introduced, the Silk Road Bridge 28 meters long, 6 meters high, approaching the size of a real bridge, consisting of nearly twenty thousand pieces of transparent brick. – the sun is very beautiful decoration, highly visual impact. According to reports, the material is made of amber, each brick experienced material, shaping, coloring, polishing etc. purely manual production processes, it takes 10 days to make. In order to make the error of brick and bridge are less than a millimetre, based on pure handmade, but also the need for cutting shaping and test with precision instruments. Shu Yong said, "the Silk Road Bridge" works of art today in the flower beds will be basically completed structures, it can resist the winds around eight. In addition, the Tiananmen on both sides of the square bouquet style has been completed, the center of the square is inserted for flower flower simulation. Expected tomorrow, the construction unit will be put to the basket basket basket hoisting, which is the core part of the whole production process in the center of the flower beds. 25 days ago, the center of Tiananmen square flower beds will be arranged to continue to accompany the capital of the public until mid October. Photo reporter Yuan Yi相关的主题文章: