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China parachute children in the United States more than the United States and the United States media: study only for the face – Sohu news picture: Several Chinese students at the Columbia University graduation ceremony. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Lei Photo Reference News Network reported on November 23rd, the U.S. media said that every year, there are a lot of students came to the United States to go to school, dream of getting a completely different future with china. According to the United States, "Losangeles times" website reported on November 21st, many students believe that they escaped the Chinese education system can not be allowed to fail. Every year, 9 million Chinese students compete for the number of university places in 7 million. And about 1 million of those who are excluded from the university will choose to study abroad. In 2015, 300 thousand of them came to the United states. However, more and more young students are leaving China’s education system, the report said. Over the past 10 years, the number of Chinese students studying in American high school jumped from 1200 to 52 thousand. More than 1/4 of the students in the group, known as "parachute kids", have no family to accompany, in California. Globalization and rapid wealth make China’s two traditional values in trouble: family and education. Cong Yuying, a professor at the University of California at the state of the arts, who studies the issue of parachute children, says more and more parents are now choosing to separate their flesh and blood. Cong Yuying said: "this is a ‘I do for you, sacrifice everything’ mentality. Even if this means we have to be apart." Most study in the United States Chinese minors living in the host family: an acquaintance, friend or stranger from the Internet, agreed to a price of about $1000 per month to provide students with accommodation and care. They form a huge, unregulated agency care industry that relies mainly on the goodwill of the host family to ensure the safety and health of their students. Cong Yuying said that because of their separation from their families and their cultures during the growth phase, these "parachute children" are more likely to be isolated, aggressive, anxious, depressed and suicidal. Host families and schools are unable to replicate the support that these students may receive in china. Failing to live up to the pressures of parental investment poses a greater challenge. Cong Yuying said: "parents have sacrificed a lot, but they may not have thought that the children have sacrificed a lot." Zhang Xingfang, a psychologist at a Chinese family in Pasadena who helped send children to the United States, said some children lost their way. She said: "young people need to communicate and from their own community. They look for popular girls, boys, or small groups to communicate. If the family is not around, this demand will become more intense." Reported that Bill? Week has a 17 year old surnamed Xu boarding students at home in Rowland Heights. So far, only a small number of new life in the United States, schools, basketball and electricity. He came to the United States only three months, has encountered someone shouted at him, let him go back to his country. He bowed his head in the morning reading class at the south bank Christian school. In 2015, nearly half of China’s "parachute children" attended private Christian secondary schools相关的主题文章: