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Self-Improvement David W. Hausdorff is a man on a focused mission. Having a successful career in the corporate world has armed him with specific knowledge and insights to take aim on his biggest challenge; protecting children. Children dont vote and they do not pay taxes but they must be heard. David Hausdorff In 2002, David Hausdorff founded Protect Your Children. Protect Your Children is an organization committed to educating the public on child safety. David W. Hausdorff has reached out to major corporations and law enforcement agencies to join him in his unwavering resolve to protect our children. Mr. Hausdorff has spoken nationwide on various topics including the universal need to keep children safe. If we fail to protect our children, all else seems rather trivial. David Hausdorff, Founder of Protect Your Children Mr. Hausdorff has been forging ahead with his noble mission for 10 years encouraging parents to wake up and face the dangerous realities and consequences which can result if we take childrens safety for granted. It should not take a Penn State incident to raise public awareness of the daily atrocities which are taking place in environments parents consider safe. David Hausdorff Predators will use the internet, schools or any other venue as their hunting ground to find new victims. These animals know no boundaries. Through the years, David W. Hausdorff has become a leading figure in the unpopular world associated with protecting our children. Most parents would rather engage in more pleasant subjects with their children. David Hausdorff has gained the support and the cooperation of major corporations including Publix Supermarket and Pepsi. Mr. Hausdorff has also worked closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Secret Service and many volunteers to raise public awareness on topics relating to protecting children. He has spoken more than 3000 times and is known for his high-impact and inspirational messages about the importance protecting innocent children. Mr. Hausdorff has stated, "Education and awareness are key elements in helping to protect children. For more information on Protect Your Children or to have David Hausdorff speak at your next event visit .protectyourchildren.us or email [email protected] 相关的主题文章: