Depth adjustment of the art market hidden vitality

Under the depth of the adjustment of the art market hidden life of art auction in Hongkong known as the Asian art market, weathervane said. The day before the ending of the 2016 autumn auction in Hongkong presents a similar game of dialectics. From the first round of autumn auction in Hongkong, the market is relatively flat, on the one hand, collectors market is still relatively cautious, on the other hand, the lack of heavyweight art. However, the industry believes that this lack also has a positive side, that is forced to tap new markets, the future market potential of new art. In the end of this year, what are the characteristics and highlights of the autumn in Hongkong, the upcoming domestic autumn beat geometry? Reporters interviewed the relevant parties to give professional interpretation. The overall lack of mediocre heavyweight auction in recent years, the art market ups and downs, from singing all the way to gradually enter the market adjustment period. In this context, the autumn of Hongkong beat the market to become a barometer". The just concluded Sotheby’s Hongkong autumn auction in 2016 launched a total of 21 games designed to shoot, more than 4 thousand pieces of art, the final total turnover of HK $2 billion 200 million, beyond before making the valuation. Compared with the results of this year’s spring 3 billion 100 million HK dollars, down by 29%. Sotheby’s CEO Asia Cheng Shoukang is satisfied with the results, the total turnover of two in 2016 and 2015 to spring and autumn shoot line, has made them very happy. Many people in the industry to mean to describe this autumn Hongkong beat. Some collectors even use "bleak" to describe. The lack of heavyweight auction and highlights, and the decline in turnover of so many people is very difficult to give a high evaluation. But there are also many collectors that coincides with the market depth adjustment period, the overall performance is stable, quality precision rare art still powerful. Guan Liang professional collectors Luo Li believes that the Hongkong autumn auction market did not feel good before, but the art market has a lot of chance. He also pointed out that the aesthetic of the art market should pay attention to. "What works in line with the tastes of future collectors; what kind of works can stand the test of time, is the real art, this will be the focus of the art market participants." The recession is not all bad. In the first round of this year’s autumn auction in Hongkong, for many years engaged in the art auction Advisory Wu often think, compared to previous years, the overall lack of focus, ultra high priced auction, but it is also a good thing. "So, the auction center can let the auction market value to the auction itself, let the auction prices return to their artistic value". Yiyezhiqiu, after autumn auction in Hongkong Autumn Auction on home immediately. Insiders said the analysis, the domestic autumn shoot and spring shot may be flat, there will not be too much volatility, but hot difficult. Modern painting collectors Li Yongneng believes that domestic autumn auction prices should not be a big change. Wonderful life (jargon will not seen artwork called "raw goods") is still a hot blast at high prices, licensed to sell. Asian contemporary artists "strong" Asian contemporary art in recent years to become the art market "blue chip". Hongkong auction are betting on the modern sector in recent years, many key and important auction transactions are born. In the early spring shoot, there are Wu Guanzhong, Zhao Wuji and other masters of the works.相关的主题文章: