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"The devil" waved a hand on the rope to change four fish, grew up with his father tour, Wang Xinmin props room has hundreds of props. Morning paper reporter Ye Zishen wearing a suit, holding a white rope, Wang Xinmin slowly walked into the audience. Just as everyone was wondering what he was going to do, he waved two live big fish on the rope. When the audience was amazed, he waved again, and turned out two live big fish, and the audience burst into thunderous applause. Fish change is a traditional Chinese magic. But since ancient times, all the performances of fish magician, can only change the two fishes, but Wang Xinmin alone brought innovation performance, become the four fish. Some people say that this is a great pioneering work in the history of Chinese magic. Wang Xinmin is often called "the devil" – not only in his old age in magic, but also because of his outstanding performance talent. It is reported that the Wang Xinmin family is the three generation of magic family, grandfather and father are well-known figures in the magic world. "I grew up with my father on a tour, and when I was a little older, I came to the stage to help my father." Wang Xinmin said, father will often take him to see the magic show, and asked him to understand the mystery. Wang Xinmin had a great interest in magic since he was a child. Faced with all kinds of exquisite magic props, he often fondle admiringly, nothing will think about the organs of the key. Later, the father suddenly died for some reason, only a teenager Wang Xinmin began self-reliance, explore the magic of the road of performance. He kept asking many old artists who studied magic. With their enthusiastic help, Wang Xinmin’s skills increased greatly. In addition to performing magic, Wang Xinmin has another interest: making props. He is good at the original props on the basis of, with new materials, new technology to further improve, make new and more "magic" props. In 2009, he participated in the Beijing World Magic Congress, the performance of the new magic has been world class masters, Wu Shixiong, Liang Yi and other praise. Today, Wang Xinmin is also keen to share his experience, he has repeatedly visited the country to explore the spread of magic art, many times to participate in domestic international magic events and all kinds of magic seminar. He had planned to Xiamen ten magic art into the campus culture festival, Xiamen University, Jimei University, Jimei University and to Chengyi college and school lectures. "I hope to popularize more magic knowledge and spread this fine traditional culture." Wang Xinmin said. Wang was born in 1953, member of IBM international magicians Association, member of Chinese Acrobatic Association, member of China magic art committee, vice president of Fujian Acrobatic Association and founder of Xiamen magic magic research association. Nearly 100 famous works, including "cane change flowers", "white paper change money", "flying table" and "beauty change tiger" and so on. (Haixi morning news (microblogging)) video: the brother performing "magic" adorable face after the treasure Its loopholes appeared one after another. shocked >

“魔王”一挥手绳上变出四条鱼 从小跟父亲巡演王新民的道具室有数百件道具。晨报记者 叶子申穿着西装,手拿一条白绳,王新民慢慢走到观众席中。就在大家都在猜测他要干什么时,只见他一挥手,绳子上变出两条活生生的大鱼。在观众惊叹之时,他再次挥手,又变出两条活生生的大鱼,观众席瞬间爆发出雷鸣般的掌声。变鱼是中国经典的传统魔术。但从古至今,所有表演变鱼的魔术师,都只能变两条鱼,而王新民却带来了独自创新的表演,变了四条鱼。有人说,这是中国魔术史上的一大创举。王新民因此常常被人叫作“魔王”———这不仅是他在魔术方面的资历老,更因为他突出的表演才华。据悉,王新民家是三代魔术世家,祖父与父亲都是当时魔术界的知名人物。“我从小就跟着父亲巡演,稍微大点的时候,就会上台给父亲做助手了。”王新民说,父亲还会常带他去看魔术表演,并要求他自行领悟其中的奥秘。王新民从小就对魔术有着极大的兴趣。面对各种精妙的魔术道具,他常常爱不释手,没事就会思考其中的机关要诀。后来,父亲因故突然离世,年仅十几岁的王新民开始自力更生,探寻魔术的表演之道。他不断请教许多研究魔术的老艺术家。在他们的热心帮助下,王新民技艺大增。除了表演魔术外,王新民还有另一个兴趣:制造道具。他擅长在原有道具的基础上,用新材料、新工艺进一步完善,制作出新的更“神奇”的道具。2009年,他参加北京世界魔术大会,表演的新魔术得到了世界级大师麦克杰、吴世雄、梁义等的好评。如今,王新民还热衷于分享自己的经验,他曾多次到全国各地探讨普及魔术艺术,多次参加国内举办的国际魔术赛事和各类魔术研讨会。他曾策划厦门十中魔术艺术进校园文化汇演,并到厦门大学、集美大学、集美大学诚毅学院以及市中小学讲课。“我希望能更多地普及魔术知识,传播这一优秀的传统文化。”王新民说。人物名片王新民,出生于1953年,IBM国际魔术师协会会员、中国杂技家协会会员、中国魔术艺术委员会会员、福建省杂技家协会副主席、厦门市魔术戏法研究会创始人。成名作品近百部,包括《手杖变花》、《白纸变钞票》、《飞表》和《美女变老虎》等。(海西晨报(微博))相关视频: 哥哥表演“魔术”漏洞百出 萌宝看完一脸的惊呆了 >相关的主题文章: