Distant distance set file 9.30 Zhang Bo warm men start new (video) tinyos

"The distance" file 9.30 Zhang Bo with warm male New Distance "of" Zhang Bo "our first exposure film mystery Tencent entertainment news from the nine year team featuring screenwriter, directed by Wang Yiming, Zhang Bo, Ren Donglin, Xu Xiaosa, our strength actor cast in tear together big drama" distant distance "will launched in September 30th. Idol strength actor Zhang Bo once again to challenge themselves, with knowledge of young Zheng Xiangdong in the new hit, the social environment is difficult to change the interpretation of grief at separation and joy in union of a little, to love moving, is looking forward to! The play focuses on Zheng Xiangdong (Zhang Boshi), Su Yang (Xu Baihui), Si Mengnan (Ren Donglin), Sun Qianya (Ding Ziling ornaments) several decades of youth led by the entanglement of love and hate. No artificial plot, no gorgeous extravagant life, "the distance" is committed to realistic story lines and pure aesthetic feelings, to restore the truth, goodness and beauty. Filial piety Zhang Bo premiere youth interpretation of love with Zhang Bo in the play is the debut of loving youth, talked about the role he said, this movie is in order to complete the wish of my mother, because my mother always wanted me to play a youth love story. Sunshine and calm him, wearing a blue coat, on the black shoes, riding a bicycle, temperament and role has a high degree of integration, though the sense of impressive. He played Zheng Xiangdong and Xu Baihui played upright people, Su Yang two people staged a pure love across time and space. Two people were originally a pair of lovers in the countryside, but it was destroyed by Si Mengnan, resulting in the gap between the two people can not always go beyond. Through time and space travel, Zheng Xiangdong Su Yang’s love has not changed, everywhere for Su Yang rescue, prefer their own suffering, to support love thoroughly, is worthy of the name of the century warm man, believe this love will impress deeply with the majority of the audience. Focus on acting themselves from the audience in some of the drama of dedication of love, in fact, Zhang Bo also said: "his personality is persistent, that things will not change. And I’ve been so focused on acting." In "Wang Dahua’s revolutionary career", with Zhang Bo and Yan Ni’s "prawn couple love" and "overbearing president decreed" yet delicate, tough and tender, won the audience crowd; "great Qin Empire", Zhang Bo played Qin zhaoxiangwang – win millet, a few degrees called "King" he behavior between the full flavor, not only to restore the height of the history, and gives the characters more colors, the popular character…… The plays Zheng Xiangdong, early is a silly boy, later continue to grow, in the process of social changes, a change to a tough, mature man play. Director Wang Yiming said: "the role of Zheng Xiangdong is very rich, full, not mere appearance, so to have sufficient space for shaping the actor, Zhang Bo is very worth looking forward to the wonderful interpretation of the play." Talking about this drama understanding, Zhang Bo said: "this is a very down to earth with their previous drama, shot more Spy Drama and costume drama is not the same, will let the audience feel more cordial, but also hope that this drama let the audience with their distance.相关的主题文章: