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The knight of the DNF war horse horse racing Raiders   bug racing skills; how to win the game — people.com.cn original title: DNF Knight war horse racing horse Raiders bug skills how to win DNF national version of the update added in gambling activities, some believe that buddy didn’t know how to win the bet, as below we bring DNF Knight war horse raiders. First of all, the brush, the Jockey Club has a total of 3 useful drugs. I won’t say twice. This is the 0 second cooldown of the drug, and the limit of the juice. We will give each bet a box can be randomly open, I 2b in the video, the original will also give the box together with betting, he is betting according to the number of dollars to box average Knight box 100 can be opened about 40 and about 15 HP medicine juice. A maximum of 1000 bets that is a brush up to a maximum of 400+ of the HP drug and the juice of the day can be a bet 8 times a day so you can brush out of the 3000+ hpmp and 1200+ juice. A round of the game takes approximately 30 minutes, lack of medicine or very appropriate (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Baltic) original title: DNF Knight war horse racing horse Raiders bug skills to talk about how to win in the following methods can not lose, which is the basis of medicine to brush, not money brush medicine too inappropriate. Shellfish will lose because the dealer will artificially adjust the odds, I would not say. For example, we buy size. If whether big or small are 1:2 so we are the size of common sense, the odds will not buy with, but the leopard kill is so even if the odds of 1:2 will lose money. But TX do not know this club wants, or the design of this activity is not good at maths. 8 Knight odds together is just 64 that the average Knight odds are 1:8. if according to the average probability of it, as long as the number of each of our bureau each bet, never lose. From the sentence, we calculated the odds by different amount down, can guarantee that when it does not pay, but the odds are always changing, we need a good bet as before so too strenuous, from the Bureau, although each bureau is independent of the incident, to throw coins as each time no contact, but the final must revert to the mean, so we only need to press the same per game. But even so we just brush the drug, will not make money. This is TX’s idiotic appeared. Arguably, the lower the odds that more people on the TX, in order to let a few people actually won the knight rate per game to finally win are greater than 8 I probably should look at a cross is a result of the same cross results, but the rate of different. Rate is determined according to their own area of betting, and sometimes there will be a 8 magnification look, here we need to fight for a long time, to see a day or even a few days of the sum of the odds, the current point of view相关的主题文章: