Don’t see a lip with Suzy candy lip color glass painting

Don’t see a lip with Suzy candy color painting glass lip lead: this year the European circle soar Matte Lip Glaze beauty to let everyone shouted no, but the mouth and then found Europe color Matte Lip Glaze xianlao will aggravate lip wrinkles, but more suitable for Asian girls lips this year Japanese and Korean style popular glass candy lip. (source: Ruili nets) have a lot of glass candy lip lip choice, this year the European circle soar Matte Lip Glaze beauty to let everyone shouted no, but really the mouth and found Europe color Matte Lip Glaze xianlao will aggravate lip wrinkles, very difficult to live hold. In fact, more suitable for Asian girls or South Korea this year Chunzhuang wind popular candy glass lip. Suzy glass candy lip color and high saturation, color selection is also more widely, very suitable for the yellow color of the Asian girls, can bring a youthful atmosphere for the whole makeup. But the glass texture smooth lip gloss, so lip wrinkles can be effectively covered, lip effect on hyaluronic acid we can easily "makeup", Lian Xiuzhi is a fan of glass candy lip oh. Suzy candy color pleasure plus glass lip fullness will bring a lot of full effect for the lips, if too plump lips is not your thing, you can also use the same method as the bite lips show wisdom to create glass candy lip. It also looks more natural when it comes to a smooth glass like effect. If you want a glass lip more exaggerated effect can choose to add a little lip glaze surface flash or flash powder, make the surface of the glass lip capture more natural light, let your lips have glass candy like gems. Sequins can also help hold Lip Glaze, prolong the durability of the glass lip. Glass lips under the gradient is fun GLASS CANDY LIP fashion routine. In addition to the red line gradient map, can also according to their own preferences to select the gradient color collocation, such as white clothing color can choose from purple to rose pink gradient. The gradient of the lip effect can make lips look more three-dimensional, but also very suitable for photo absorbing powder oh. Suzy GLASS CANDY LIP although the effect is outstanding, it is to be successful spread or stumped a woman. The first to do preparatory work — glass lip exfoliating and moisturizing lip. At the beginning of make-up before is coated with a layer of thick lip balm, and then put the lip on the last step, try to let the lips have more time to absorb nutrients, which can minimize the lip wrinkles, skin problems in the makeup before, the last glass lip effect will be smooth. The glass used to make glass lip lip because of the effect of the product are easy to spread, so when the smear must be fast, the best time to succeed, remember don’t apply, otherwise the texture is thin lip glaze or lip gloss is easily stuck in the lip, difficult to repair. First apply after the completion of if you are not satisfied with the place can also use the lip brush partial fill. Glass lips like small toothbrush brush is also very suitable for the spread of Lip Glaze or lip gloss, but also because the toothbrush brush contact area larger, so it reduces the possibility of error in the painting process, is absolutely necessary lazy. But even if the glass lips to complete the perfect effect, can not tolerate.相关的主题文章: