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Drug man refused to check the subway security personnel detained beating the original title: drug man beaten subway screeners refused to check the portable liquid in administrative detention by the police yesterday afternoon, metro line 14 Fangzhuang station, a man refused to check carry liquid in the security, screeners stopped. After the test was finished, he actually hit the bottle with anger. The man was immediately taken to the police station, the urine showed positive marijuana, the man is currently under administrative detention. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter learned from the security officer Xiao Wang, when the man entered the subway alone. After he passed the security door, Wang stopped it, to check his drink. I said to him, you can put the drink on the machine to check, you can also drink a pass on the spot. But this man is not fit, insisted on walking, swearing." Wang said, he and two colleagues quickly to stop, he saw hide, but opened a bottle of water, we conclude that the water should be no problem, to release him". The thought that the end of the matter, Wang and his colleagues returned to the security post, did not think the man returned to the hands of the beverage bottle, a direct hit on him. "I didn’t react, smashed it back." The reporter from the station monitoring to see the man of this has gone through security checkpoints, can drink bottle in his hand suddenly fell to the ground, the man picked up the bottle, and the bottle at the screeners, then forward to beat each other. Soon, a number of security guards approached the man control. "We called the police, the police arrived and took him away." Wang said. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the bus corps, man was taken to the police station to admit that he did not control the emotions, to make a reckless move. But careful police found the man on the road is difficult to control emotions, and listlessness. Police then conducted a urine test for men showed positive for marijuana. The man admitted that he was taking drugs. Currently, the man was in administrative detention. Beijing morning news reporter Zhang Jingya clues: Miss Wu editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: