Due to a large number of residents to support Uber to abandon the plan to withdraw from Macao wetnwild

Because of a large number of residents in support of Uber Uber’s Hongkong office, Macao plans to give up the withdrawal of outside Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 9th news, according to foreign media reports, due to the large number of residents, the taxi company Uber announced plans to withdraw from Macao to give up. Launched in Macao less than a year after the end of August this year, Uber announced that it will withdraw from the market accident, the reason is that it faced a total of 10 million drivers Macao dollars (US $1 million 250 thousand). The government of Macao has held firm opposition to Uber’s operations, saying it violates local regulations. The company said in a statement on its official website, after careful consideration, Uber decided to continue to serve the future of passengers and drivers in Macao." "In the past few weeks, we have gained unprecedented support." Uber said in a statement that there are more than 2.3 people through the online signature to convey support for Uber, it also supports the cause of their passengers, drivers, residents, visitors and members of the Legislative Council thanked. The company said, we hope that the Macao government will follow the region and around the world to support innovative policy makers, agreed to share travel can play a role in promoting the development of Macao." Uber has approximately 2000 full-time and part-time drivers in Macao. However, Macao is not a big market, the withdrawal of the market will not hit the fast-growing u.s.. Last month, Uber announced the Uber Chinese business to travel at the end of the drops, its huge market and Chinese drops, burn the protracted war. Uber may also be forced to withdraw from the Taiwan market, because the government asked to pay sales tax. It also faces legal scrutiny in the Hongkong market. (compile Liu)相关的主题文章: