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"Eleven" golden week road waterway passenger traffic is expected to exceed 660 million people – Beijing reporters from the Ministry of transport and the press conference was informed that this year is expected to "eleven" during the golden week, road waterway passenger traffic more than 660 million people. Among them, the road passenger transport volume will reach 650 million, an increase of 1.7%; waterway passenger traffic will reach 12 million 600 thousand people, has increased slightly compared with the same period last year. According to the Ministry of transport spokesman Xu Chengguang, "traffic of eleven" golden week will show the high ends of the intermediate stationary, October 1st, 6 days, 7 days and three days to peak traffic and passenger traffic; passenger volume increase Beijing, Guangdong, Sichuan, Anhui and the surrounding tourist hotspots large, continental island, island when, between the Strait passenger transport is still a hot area of the Bohai Bay waterway passenger transport; and the Zhoushan islands, the Qiongzhou Strait and the Lijiang River in Guilin scenic area, inter Island Island, between the Strait passenger travel, passenger transport passenger traffic is relatively concentrated, to maintain steady growth. To do a "eleven" during the golden week transportation security, the country will invest more than 83 operating buses, about 21 million 500 thousand seats; more than 2 ships, passenger ships more than 100 seats in the road and waterway transportation; in addition, the tourist attractions such as demand of the region will increase by bus, car, travel passenger capacity investment to transport a large amount of water route reasonable arrangements for transportation and trips, emergency preparation capacity. Xu Chengguang said, to protect the safety of travel is the priority among priorities of transport work, the Ministry of transport for a special deployment of "eleven" golden week transportation safety requirements, transportation departments at all levels to strengthen safety supervision, supervision and transportation enterprises to implement the safety production responsibility, prevent and resolutely curb the occurrence of serious traffic accidents a non driver does not meet the conditions for non-technical conditions do not meet the safety of vehicles on the road, the strict implementation of the "three no stop, six could not stand regulations, strictly implement the long-distance passenger vehicle bus at 2 points to 5 points a rest stop or connecting transport system. The two is to pay close attention to passenger ferry safety, with the focus of four ship (of a passenger ship, ship dangerous goods, easy fluidization solid bulk cargo ship, sand ship) as the focus, to ferry management as a priority among priorities, pay close attention to safety management, ensure the safety of passenger traffic. Three is the real-time monitoring and early warning in the key areas to strengthen the road network, channel, dangerous goods transport and storage, strictly implement the leadership class system and 24 hours on duty system, strengthen early warning of extreme weather, improve the emergency plan and evacuation plan of passenger transport. (CCTV reporter Tang Ying)相关的主题文章: