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Internet-Marketing Massive profits in email marketing are possible, even if you don’t have a large list. How? By massively increasing the responsiveness of the list you have now. You can drive up response rates from single digits to 15% or more for opens and a surprising amount of buying activity. Equally importantly, you can establish habitual buying in your customer base that will pay you over and over to grow your business. So what must you do to build responsiveness in your list? Here are some great tips for quickly driving that response rate for email marketing opt in subs through the roof! 1) Add video to your messages/blogs. The initial message can be text, but it will work well if they need to click midstream through the message to read (eg: watch the rest) where you’ve posted your video. Remember, people buy from people they know, like, and trust. It’s really incredible the amount of rapport you can build with a few personable videos here and there. Remember, get a decent camera, and have a nice solid black or white background with bright enough lighting to have a quality effect. It needn’t cost more than $500 in total. 2) Weave your story and small (relevant) anecdotes into the .munications with your list. Remember, at the end of the day it’s best to speak to peoples as a person, and to let your humanity and some quirks shine through. Remember you want to memorable with your audience so your name alone or .pany name alone triggers an open. If you .municate as a .pany name, pick stories or testimonials out to share in portions of your .munication. 3) Sell through education. Actually, provoke the impulse to buy through quality education. Remember, people don’t like to be sold, but everyone knows it’s a lot of fun to buy, in a respectful and fun environment. You know that instinctively, provide interesting and relevant free education and do it often. Again videos are great. Then, weave relevant promotions and offers in the education process, on the page and within the video itself. Provide education and plant the seeds of the necessary .ponents within the learning process. This will do all the selling beforehand. The actual offer will be matter of fact, quick and timely, and will not need lots of selling, as they will already be sold on things. 4) Reward the behavior you want to encourage! If you want people to opt in, offer a free gift for them to do so. Want referrals? Setup a nice bonus and viral system on your site and have them get additional bonuses of value for referring friends. Most importantly, encourage and make buyers feel very special! Remember that you want to encourage a lifetime of buying, so always be thinking of ways you can encourage your buyers to continue to do so! One idea could be to create a special email list just for them and give them a free monthly bonus for being part of the buyers club. Remember, the money is not only in the list, but instead in the response you receive to your efforts. Why not increase your profits by increasing your responsiveness with these simple steps? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: