EU to implement temporary anti-dumping measures against China’s seamless steel pipe

The Chinese seamless steel pipe, the implementation of the provisional anti-dumping measures the original title: the Ministry of Commerce in the interests of serious damage to the EU according to Xinhua News Agency on the 12 day of the iron and steel products originating in Chinese make preliminary anti-dumping investigation, officials from the Ministry of Commerce issued a statement pointed out that China expressed great concern and worry about the trade protectionism recently in the field of steel show. In November 12th, the European Commission for seamless steel pipe products Chinese make anti-dumping preliminary investigation, and decided to implement the 6 month temporary anti-dumping measures. The Ministry of Commerce Trade Remedy Investigation Bureau official said that despite the EU actively cooperate with and China defense enterprises, continue to use the unfair and unreasonable "alternative" method, cut out the high rate, serious damage to the interests of the enterprise Chinese. The Chinese government hopes that the EU will strictly abide by the relevant rules of the WTO and use trade remedy measures to safeguard the rights of Chinese enterprises. The official pointed out that the root causes of the plight of the European economy is weak economic growth, rather than the impact of Chinese products. At the same time, China and the EU in the field of steel has a broad space for cooperation, the development of China’s steel industry to the EU steel industry and equipment manufacturing industry will bring tangible benefits. China is willing to work with the EU to strengthen exchanges and communication, solve the problems facing the steel industry. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: