Experts called for the establishment of magnetic shielding to avoid the earth’s solar storms hit (vi

Experts called for the establishment of magnetic shielding to avoid solar storms on earth solar storms will pose a serious threat to the earth, experts warned that at present it is necessary to establish a magnetic shielding device for preventing the solar storms on earth invasion. Tencent space news according to the British Daily Mail reported that the earth using an invisible "magnetosphere" protecting the earth’s life forms, avoid sun storms, but due to the earth’s magnetic poles are constantly changing, the magnetosphere becomes very weak, which means that the potentially devastating earth vulnerable to solar flare damage. At present, the French International Space University Joseph – (Joseph Pelton) called on scientists through the establishment of a powerful magnetic shielding, play a role in the protection of the earth. Solar storms can spray the magnetic field from the sun’s surface, and when the magnetic field is suddenly released, it will accelerate the hot gas near the surface of the sun, making the hot gas travel faster over the earth. Toward Earth’s solar flare "killer electronic" speed for millions of kilometers per hour now, experts warned that if human beings are not ready to prevent catastrophic solar storms, this phenomenon will become very terrible. If these matter collide with the earth’s magnetic field, it will affect many human science and technology, including: satellites and radar equipment running around the earth. Pelton said: "in the past half century, we are aware of a large asteroid or comet colliding with the earth, the earth would be a catastrophe, is likely to form a global disaster. However, we do not understand the global disaster over time, which is a real danger of the universe, can interrupt the power network system, resulting in communication, navigation and Defense Satellite System paralysis. At the same time, solar storms will also disrupt the timing of the global Internet synchronization." He also stressed that a large CME will spray millions of tons of ions, up to 2 million kilometers per hour, which will lead to a global economic system and infrastructure into chaos. But if scientists build a large electromagnetic shielding device, will help to prevent the earth from solar storms, in addition, the device also has other uses, such as solar and satellite merged together to launch clean energy back to earth. Pelton pointed out that at present, the space agency needs to seriously consider how to make full use of space technology, the idea of how to effectively save the earth, to avoid the invasion of solar storms. (yoyo) follow the sun to travel to Jupiter: more than and 40 minutes相关的主题文章: