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F1 grand odds: intense civil war Hanluosi nanfenbozhong small F1 Marseille latest odds Tencent sports in September 27th after the farewell at F1 Singapore, this weekend will be moved to Malaysia Sepang speedway, Mercedes two drivers of the civil war intensified, the Gambling company is given the race winning odds, Hamilton and Rosberg nanfenbozhong Red Bull, and Ferrari’s "second team" competition is very fierce, and before the two season Hamilton alone, Rosberg this season is very tenacious, he four races after the teammate was leading by 43 points, while Hamilton then gradually and points tied back, but Rosberg recently have a three game winning streak, currently in the standings to overtake Hamilton 8. Sepang is a fast track, the other teams want to challenge Mercedes will be difficult here, so this race championship is concentrated in the two Mercedes driver, in BET365 given the odds of winning, Hamilton to 1 / 2 at the top, followed by Rosberg with 1 / 2.37 of two people, the competition is bound to very fierce. The Ferrari team Vetter wins the championship at this race last year, but this season they lead not only can not shake the Mercedes, but was Red Bull team gradually left behind. The last few races, putting pressure on Mercedes are Red Bull team, although the Sepang track is more conducive to the Ferrari racing play, but the odds given in BET365, Ricardo’s 1 / 12 is still slightly ahead of Vettel’s 1 / 13 and 1 / 15, Vista Pam was leading Raikkonen 1 / 29. A Karen team in recent races have made remarkable progress, Alonso has often able to enter the integration field, this race in their odds of winning although still lags behind three big teams, but has been gradually and Williams, force India team such as flat. In qualifying, Hamilton is still in position at the top of the pole, the odds are 1 lost 1.72, while Rosberg won the pole the odds are 1 / 2.1, Ricardo and Vettel are 1 / 15 pole odds. Next is Vista Pam’s 1 loss of $18 and a loss of $1 on the top of the list of about $21. But in this season’s championship odds, although Hamilton behind teammate 8 points, but still lost 1.61 to 1 at the top of the list, while Rosberg 1 lost 2.25 ranked second, we can see that the title of the more experienced Hamilton is more optimistic. In addition to the two drivers and other drivers in the 1 / 501 Championship odds away, only theoretically possible title. (Li Tianyou) of the 2016 season F1 Malaysia Grand Prix win odds TOP10 (data from BET365) 1 Hamilton 1 / 22 / 1 Mercedes Rosberg Mercedes 2.373. Ricardo Red Bull 1 / 124 / 1 135 Vista Pam Vettel Ferrari Red Bull 1 Ferrari 1 / 297 / 156 Raikkonen Peres India power 1 / 3011相关的主题文章: