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UnCategorized Finding a new finance job is one thing, finding the right one, is however a .pletely different matter. So what ‘really’ makes the difference? There are many things that make a difference, some of which we have no control. There are however a number of mind sets that will genuinely help you find your next job in London’s financial sector. Whilst it is really important to not only post your CV onto a wide scope of job boards (some generalist, most specific) and also apply for a high volume of "relevant", advertised jobs. Job seekers must also consider how a job board works and more importantly, how a recruiter uses a job board to find candidates for their advertised and non advertised roles. That’s right, many jobs, particularly higher level positions never see the light of day on any job board as recruiters prefer to seek out the right candidate through a CV data base such as the one featured on Financial Jobs in London. To some this may seem somewhat obvious but consider that when a recruiter searches a CV database they narrow down their search and target candidates by using key words relevant to the job they are trying to fill. For example: Example of a job title: Senior Hedge Fund Accountant Skill/qualification: CIMA, ACCA, Masters Degree for example Key word: "trading", "banking", "FX", "marketing" for example Key phrase: "Hedge Fund", "Accounting", "Oxford University" for example The above are just some quick examples of the types of entries recruiters might use to search for an appropriate candidate on a job boards CV database. We advice that when writing your CV make sure the content is mainly key word rich for your area of expertise. Think of the most valuable descriptive words and phrases that best describe what you’ve done and what you can do. You might also want to include key words based on the area you are trying to enter. However, do be careful of this, as over use will result in miss matched CVs and recruiters will not appreciate it! Only do this if your past expertise are, in some way linked. You might for example include key words and phrases describing your past work experience such as FX trading and then include keywords and phrases based on your new targeted sector such as FX analyst or Equity trading, included in your introduction for example. Once you have uploaded your CV make the most of all the resources that job boards provide, you never know what you might learn! Even if you are the most seasoned professional in trading or investment banking, times might have changed so for as recruitment trends and techniques are concerned so log on and learn! Never leave your account unchecked for too long as it is really important to keep your CV current, your applications fresh and precise. Keeping a keen eye on the financial job market will also help keep your mind fresh, ready for interview and ready to start your new job! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: