Fingerprint Time Attendance

Sales Biometric time attendance machine are testimony of an upper technology that is utilized in the industry nowadays. Both have its own tasks that to .ply, and both have a base of fans equal of large that the other. The main thing to keep in mind is the technology utilized in the two they can be the same one, but the purpose for the one that would be able to be been accustomed they are .pletely different. The last fingerprint attendance machine .es in various formats. The majority of them they are very attractive. The AC-1000 – 2000 is a .pact finger impression machine with a thin design. Also counts on an identification cards access control system. It is utilized categorically as a card authentication system VIRDI RF / Smart extensively applicable to diverse solutions of business through application software in network TCP / IP. The AC-3000 is another device biometric attendance system highly authorized, honest with being the access controller machine fingerprints recognition design. The AC-4000 is a technology of new generation improved of its former one that offers .fort and design of benefits through LCD, LED and technology of adjacent sensor. The AC-6000 is a high range fingerprints terminal. It boasts of a color touch screen, and .es integrated with a digital camera and a faster processor. The biometric attendance system is utilized chiefly for the time attendance maintenance, and the attendance system, through the finger impression technology and the thumb. They help to stop the attentions of proxy and they help to produce exact times of each employee. This besides it can be integrated with the system of payrolls and the salaries will be calculated consequently. Some of the symbolic characteristics in biometric attendance machine include the, velocity LED of verification, resolution, area of detection, Ethernet, storage of fingerprints machine of to 10 fingers for 3 samples each one, installations lock of the door, a tension of diet from 12 to 24 VDC, consumption of energy of less than 5 watts, a strong operating environment etc The technology utilized in a biometric attendance machine includes security to every test with the trifles of fingerprints advanced to play, the velocity of the fast verification of less than one second, the rate of 100 percent of success, fingerprints per person, so much multiple registration the verification as the ways of identification, etc There is a very strong reason behind the installation of this biometric system inside the installations of the large organizations. The fact of the matter is that there is, and this is applicable to all the businesses over there, a pile of dishonest employees that elude to work and to maintain [deferring all the time. Never have they informed time. They arrive late and to leave early. In the event that there is a biometric attendance machine, always they find ways to manipulate to the person their maintenance. In last instance, a great worry to face organization. A large quantity of valuable time is being lost to tip, one that can be done productive if is used well. By this same reason, to identify to all the employees that maintain avoiding the management and they think that these tricks of cheap parlor can be .e out with all the time, the biometric attendance machine are installed and they set in motion The fingerprint attendance machine to assure that there be evasion and nobody gives the management or the employed times caution supervisors a slip. They have be.e indispensable, and have also led to many close contacts guaranteed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: