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Football: Lippi meets China long-term planning – Football News: Lippi meets Chinese Sohu Football Association Football long-term planning time is urgent, the selection of high concern, Lippi has experienced success in the European Asian Club, also has national team success experience, has a high reputation, understand Chinese football, soccer and now meet the long-term requirements, meet the needs of China Football Development Association is established in accordance with the principle of selection of the results, in the hope that Lippi and the team, to open a new journey. (surging news reporter Song Chengliang): Lippi is very happy to be in charge of the country Chinese, eventually foot Lippi: Good afternoon, very happy to return to China again, I coached Hengda in 12-15 years, three years of coaching experience, as you know, before I signed and received in Hengda, the Football Association invited, after much deliberation, eventually became the national football coach. Contact with the Chinese Football Association back to a few years ago, Cai became chairman of the Football Association, before exploring the possibility of becoming a national coach. (surging news reporter Song Chengliang Lippi): I can help China football progress, they need a sense of responsibility and mission due to the cooperation between the two sides is Hengda coach, has been repeatedly delayed, I yearned for China in Italy, has been thinking about one day to return to Chinese. In Chinese I always feel we respect for me and my coach and the support group, I would like to thank you, China as one of the most important countries in the world, I believe I can help Chinese football progress, Chinese football will make progress, Chinese players are level, they do not envy other players but, Chinese football needs to increase the sense of responsibility and sense of mission and responsibility. In the current national team for the 12 season, the situation is more difficult, we believe that the opportunity is now to unite all the possibilities, we play a role, try to do the impossible, then consider the long-term development of China football. (surging news reporter Song Chengliang)相关的主题文章: