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Foreign media: Catholic and orthodox leaders will be held for thousands of years for the first time the Vatican Pope Francis and Orthodox Church Archbishop kiril I Long Expecting! Since the Great Schism of Christianity in 1054, Catholic and orthodox leaders will meet for the first time next week. The Vatican Pope Francis (Pope Francis) and the Archbishop of the Orthodox Church (Patriarch Kirill) Kirill I will go to Cuba to complete this historic moment. According to the British newspaper BBC reported that the face of "Islamic state" rise in the Middle East, and the mass killings of "infidels", the talks will be Christians in the modern world suffered persecution theme. In addition to Cuba, February 11th to 22 Kirill I of the Latin American trip to visit Paraguay, Chile and Brazil. The talks are expected to be held in February 12th. The Russian Orthodox church minister of the Ministry of external relations (Metropolitan Hilarion) ilaree Yong pointed out that the two major Christian leaders to achieve the first meeting for thousands of years, because they happen to have two people in America travel. In after the completion of the visit to Mexico, Francis will go directly to Cuba and I met kirill. In fact, the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church have been preparing for this meeting for more than 20 years. The Vatican, Austria and Hungary were regarded as meeting places for the two religious leaders, but Cuba was the last. From the point of view of the Russian Orthodox Church, this meeting is the largest since unification in 2007 at home and abroad all church history event. The Vatican also believes that this historic gathering can be held, symbolizing a high level of goodwill between the two sides, so that Christians around the world will pray to God that the meeting will be held successfully. Editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

外媒:天主教与东正教领袖将举行千年来首次会面 梵蒂冈天主教皇方济各与东正教会大主教基利尔一世   千年等一回!自1054年基督教大分裂以后,天主教与东正教领袖下周将举行首度会面。梵蒂冈天主教皇方济各(Pope Francis)与东正教会大主教基利尔一世(Patriarch Kirill)将共赴古巴完成这历史性的一刻。   据中时电子报援引英国BBC的报道,面对“伊斯兰国”在中东的崛起,并且对“异教徒”进行大规模屠杀,会谈将以基督徒在现代世界遭到迫害的议题为主。除了古巴外,基利尔一世2月11日到22日的拉丁美洲之行中还要访问巴拉圭、智利与巴西。   会谈预计将于2月12日举行。俄罗斯正教会对外关系部部长伊拉里雍(Metropolitan Hilarion)指出,两大基督教领袖能够实现千年来的首度会晤,是因为他们两人碰巧都有中美洲的行程。在完成对墨西哥的访问以后,方济各将直接前往古巴与基利尔一世会面。事实上,天主教与东正教双方为了这次会晤,已经准备了二十多年。   梵蒂冈、奥地利与匈牙利都被视为两位宗教领袖会面的地点,不过最后入选的是古巴。从俄罗斯东正教会的角度来看,这一次会面是其自2007年统一海内外所有教会以来最大的历史盛会。梵蒂冈方面也认为这场历史性的聚会能够举行,象征着双方都抱着高度的善意,因此希望全球的基督徒一同向上帝祈祷这次会面能够顺利举行。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: