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Foreign media said the Russian control CIS sky: Super exercise to the West show muscle data figure: the Russian S-400 system launched 48H6E long-range anti-aircraft missiles. Reference News Network reported on November 8th Russia’s "view report" published in October 26th Alexei · Toppo Rolf article, entitled "CIS" is ready to repel the air strikes, the "Moscow still controls the CIS countries of the sky", the abstract is as follows: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan to participate in the near future the large-scale air defense exercises. The drill is a clear indication of the threat of Russia and its neighbors. Exercise data impressive: according to RIA Novosti reported that the more than and 130 Command Post put into practice, more than and 100 aircraft and helicopters to take off to intercept the imaginary enemy long-range bombers. S-400, S-300 and armor -S air defense system simulation fired 200 missiles, more than 3 thousand soldiers operating radio technology aircraft, Air Defense Missile Battalion hit nearly 100 hypothetical target. The more than and 100 fighter sorties, MIG -31, MIG -29 and Sue -27 targeting enemy long-range strategic bombers and fighter 50 times. Such a large-scale exercise was held in the context of intense relations between Russia and the west. Recently, NATO regularly held exercises near the Russian border, in addition to defensive action but also drill attack. Especially recently in Latvia ADA day training field at the "Silver Arrow" exercise, a total of more than 3000 soldiers from the United States, Britain, Canada, Germany, Holland, Romania, Albania, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia in. Leonid, President of the Institute of geo political studies in Russia, ·, said: "any exercise script is designed for the real threat of the country, and its essence is to prepare for possible war.". Therefore, in the Western anti Russian rhetoric and anti Russian action intensified, the CIS countries air defense forces joint exercises against invasion of our unified airspace is entirely reasonable. Commonwealth of Independent States in the establishment of a joint air defense system in 1995, but the scale of the exercise has not been." Ivar Sao J explained that the first task of the exercise is to deal with the possibility of attacks from the enemy, now nato. He said: NATO held a series of exercises this year and last year, including air force exercises. They are clearly aimed at russia. Exercises held in Poland and Western Europe are also aimed at Belarus. In southern Europe held exercises for our allies in Armenia, to a certain extent in Azerbaijan." He said that NATO first launched a large-scale missile attacks and bombing operations, so Russia should be prepared to resist this risk. Ivar Sao J stressed: the United States is the main military concept of rapid global strike. High precision weapons, drones and strategic aircraft." The expert pointed out that the UAV is a new air threat. He said: "they are not only a strike and reconnaissance tool. Today, micro UAVs can destroy any system, including tanks, warships, including. Cluster attacks on these aircraft can be made相关的主题文章: