Foreigners ride electric vehicles manned but they also play the fool English major traffic police (

Foreigners ride electric vehicles manned but they also play the fool English professional police a foreign man riding a bike, the car sat a adult, six traffic police brigade of Nanjing police stopped them, fluent in English and give him the popularity of China traffic laws and regulations. Recently, Nanjing traffic police brigade of six in jianninglu Yuqiao market junction to carry out non focused campaigns focus on motor vehicles, non motor vehicles running red lights, motor vehicle, reverse driving and other traffic violations, illegal manned. When on duty, the second police team Chen Mohan saw a man riding an electric car driving, after the car is still sitting an adult, they will block it. The man stopped, gesturing gestures did not understand their own Chinese, and said his time, hope the police to release. What he didn’t expect was that Chen Mo majored in English, the standard English major. So, traffic police in fluent English told him, according to Chinese law, electric bicycle can only carry minors under 12 years old, otherwise illegal manned road can be punished 20 yuan. Foreign men heard the police explained, in English that he will pay attention to traffic safety regulations, and obediently paid a fine of 20 yuan. Extended video: has nothing to do with the original man riding electric car knocked down after the girl beaten girl was finally hit the masses

老外骑电动车载人还装傻 不料遇上英语专业交警一名外国男子骑着电动自行车,车后还坐着一名成年人,南京交警六大队民警将其拦下,并用流利的英语给他普及中国的交通法律法规。近日,南京交警六大队民警在建宁路玉桥市场路口开展非机动车集中整治行动,重点查处非机动车闯红灯、走机动车道、逆向行驶、违规载人等交通违法行为。执勤时,二中队民警陈墨函看到一名男子骑电动车驶来,车后还坐着一名成年人,便将其拦下。男子停下车,打着手势比划自己听不懂中文,并表示自己赶时间,希望警察能放行。令他没想到的是,陈墨函在大学里主修的就是英语,标准英语专业毕业生。于是,交警用流利的英文告诉他,根据中国法律,电动自行车只能载 12 岁以下的未成年人,否则违规载人上路可被处罚 20 元。外国男子听到民警解释后,用英语表示自己以后一定会注意交通安全法规,并乖乖缴纳了 20 元罚款。扩展视频:与原文无关 男子骑电动车撞倒女孩后还暴打女孩 最后被群众围殴相关的主题文章: