From Mao Suits To Polo

Arts-and-Entertainment Everyday, there are news create tension, give information, or lead us to trend and development. In one situation, while reading an article about the ongoing trial of Gu Kailai, the wife of the fallen .munists chief Bo Xilai, I had noticed something about modern China. You might think its the legal improprieties, well its a no. It is about the ubiquity of the polo shirt worn by Beijing attorney Shen Zhigeng and Zhang Xianjun. Is this a new fashion style? It is charming and encourages others to imitate? What makes it different and takes my attention? Yes, it creates difference in fashion style and captures others attention. Peoples focus and attention are not primarily on the event or the main course of the accession but seemingly on the dresses and clothes, like me. They became observant and we apparently seen this kind of modification. An evidence of seeing the possibilities of switching fashion. Like what had been seen during the trial. Indeed, Polo shirt had influenced Chinese people in their fashion. The polo shirt or the tennis shirt as an original name had dominated China, together with the Mao Suits that had been originally called a Sun Yat-Sen suit. It is a T-shaped garment with a knitted collar. A knitted fabric is the main material used. Polo shirts are widely used by sport enthusiast but had diversified its use and became .mon in school uniforms. Apparently, observed worn by diplomat and highly dignified individuals in various occasion and events, formal or informal. Polo shirt is leading all over the white collar works. It is paired with the short sleeve dress shirt that is considered its illegitimate cousin. It can also be paired with other apparels. Suited to be matched up with jacket and long sleeve versions wherein often seen during the colder months. This adds to the cool effect of the wardrobes. Sadly these polo shirts contain many dizzy rays of colors and over sized logos .pare to the monochromatic simplicity of Western equivalents. The officials wardrobes of China even have polo shirts that act as de facto currency. A blogger heard a story from a foreigner trying to start a small business in Beijing a couple of years ago. The foreigner was advised to offer the local police a two-extra large polo shirt from one of the famous brands with the price not less that 1000RMB(at that time approximately $127). After hearing those words, he was amused but was staggered later on after finding out that an upscale shop didnt stock polo shirts under 2000RMB. Nouveau riche Chinese people were content in purchasing pricier polo shirts than other chinese clothes. Preferably, they choose Polo Shirt than to buy expensive suits, glittering cuff links and designer ties. Recognizing logos are easier than noticing hints of lavishness. This thing calls for the rejection of the usual wearing of .munist Mao Suits. Precisely, people are now interested with this fashion set-up. Polo shirt will be a fashion identity of every individual. Without a doubt, this will marvel them in the fashion scenery. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: