Graduate cheated 1880 yuan liar man dressed as a female model set up by Sohu news midd-885

Graduate students cheated 1880 yuan: liar men play female model according to chat set – Sohu (19) news surging news learned from the Zhejiang Ningbo police, Ningbo Jiangbei District Public Security Bureau recently uncovered 1 cases of large network fraud, arrested 93 suspects, including 33 compulsory measures have been taken to criminal. In the case of Bank of China cheats registered company, to pretend to male female netizen, "word" template for chat guidance, step by step, taking the money. In May this year, Ningbo, a university graduate student Yang said the police, he was on the network to recognize the girlfriend fraud 1880 yuan. Yang introduction, in April this year, he met the woman through the company website Lumou, its head is cute, just like "red net". After several days of dense chat, two people quickly warming feelings. Conversation, Lumou claiming to be the Department of Shanghai, operating a Taobao store, the main men’s clothing, work time is relatively free. Lumou put forward to let Yang also to operate Taobao shop. Under the guidance of Lumou, Yang 1880 yuan to join the Zhengzhou orange orange Agel Ecommerce Ltd". The company looks very formal, with a dedicated customer service to shop butt. But for some time down, the company’s customer service has asked him to play a variety of money, such as the need to pay 3000 yuan to set up a couple links, do shop promotion to pay $2980, and its commitment to the Taobao store has not been operating. Yang realized that cheated. Ningbo Jiangbei police investigation confirmed that this is a "peach trap" as bait, "Taobao store" for network fraud gang head, the gang members in a commercial building in Henan city of Zhengzhou province. In July 7th, Jiangbei police organization hundreds of police net, vandalized the fraud gang crime computer company, on the spot seized more than 100 units, a total of 93 suspects have been arrested. Preliminary statistics by the police, the gang since July last year, fraud, involving up to 6 million yuan in the past 1 years. The fraud Yang Lumou also arrested. But let the victim Yang did not expect is that the so-called "pure female friends" is actually a man, such as Lumou was 1 after 95 men. According to his account, he cheated three days of Yang’s $1880 deeds, but also as a good model for other employees to learn. After the trial, this is a family fraud gang leader are 90, a complete organizational structure, a special division of responsibilities, including the clerk (responsible for looking for potential victims in marriage websites), director (responsible for guiding the victims of a step by step, the shop also fall into the trap of) the design of specialized personnel and related personnel the front desk staff, etc.. In order to create the authenticity of the effect, the fraud gang ran out of the routine". Such as the Taobao store does exist, but almost no transactions; swindler registered 1 shell companies to normal; the gang dedicated to the production of the "word" model, which records how to answer many personal problems and emotional problems facing the routine. At present, the local procuratorate has filed a lawsuit against the suspect.相关的主题文章: