GT show hand in hand to bring the transformation of x-meeting feast – Sohu car mkdv-02

GT Show X-meeting brings together modification feast – Sohu automobile in September 16th, organized by the car car for two days, x-meeting fans meeting in Beijing, the Hong Kong International Speedway officially kicked off. This activity not only has a limited run, vintage car, car show, but also many new and interesting aspects of the most popular VR virtual reality, drift performance, extreme sports and into which more 100 motorcycle teams for x-meeting fans conference added a unique scenic ride. As one of the 2017GTShow peripheral activities, GTShow attaches great importance to the fans meeting, H-Design, ACE, magic color articles, modification of 300+ and CuTTing club, dozens of refitted cars provided back to the scene, involved from the elegant British style modified models MINI to Dongying ares GTR is abundant. Car dazzling, also attracted a lot of fans to stop filming the scene, GTShow is also the exclusive tent with the car and the brand brings more opportunity to showcase their products, you can make a close understanding of the brands of products and services. GTShow international modification fashion show is China’s first car modification media sponsored by the car modification professional exposition. Compared with the traditional exhibition, the most fashionable fashion culture, to create a fun car modification activities, is the purpose of GTShow. And fit the national individuality, folk activities focusing on audience recruitment and new chips mode is the advantage of GTShow exhibition. Although the distance of GTShow as well as the opening of a period of time, but in the meantime, GTShow continues to bring riders more interaction and Party activities, in the evening of September 11th, by the organizing committee, networking, GTShow club CMC Chinese Mini jointly sponsored GTShow MINI myshow refit contest officially kicked off. After the start of the campaign has been recognized by the majority of MINI owners, the night of the event number of people instantly break through 200 people, the number of votes over 3000 people. GTShow continued to participate in landing activities, let us see the status quo modification industry vigorous development, and in the various activities of GTShow bring us professional and surprise, let us see the creative team and strict working attitude, I believe that in 2017 March, GTShow will bring a wonderful Feast for the extreme modification industry the whole car market in Suzhou. More information can be concerned about changing the network WeChat public account gtuucom相关的主题文章: