Guangxi County, Hebei Province, Xiangjiang is committed to creating a campaign of red tourism educat

The state Guangxi county is committed to creating the battle of Xiangjiang red tourism education base – Beijing Beijing in Guilin in September 22, (Zhao Linlu) Guangxi County, Guilin city is located in the state Xianggui corridor, was a breakthrough in the long main battlefield of Xiangjiang, rich red cultural resources. At present, the local is relying on the Xiangjiang battle sites and other special resources, to build the Xiangjiang campaign red tourism education base, cultivate Red Classic Tour line. The battle of Xiangjiang was a battle between the Central Red Army is of vital importance, the Central Red Army since the breakout of the most heroic battle, the most critical. From November 25, 1934 to December 1st, the Central Red Army in the upper reaches of Xiangjiang in Guangxi province Xingan County, the county, Guanyang County, and the Kuomintang army battled for seven days, from the end of the state, Xingan crossing between Xiangjiang, broke through the blockade of the Kuomintang army fourth. This year is the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army Long March, the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Party Committee Propaganda Department of the organization in the central Guangxi media and Guangxi media went to Guilin to carry out the Red Army Long March victory of the theme of the annual coverage of the report. September 20th to 21, the first stop of the delegation came to the county. The picture shows the Xiangjiang battle site — Phoenix mouth ferry. Photo by Zhao Linlu in the county Jue zujizhan shop site, the villagers Tang Chunlin tells the father and the story. Tang Chunlin said, his father Tang Gongwen was found and buried in the Red Army Second Division Five regiment political commissar to wipe the body, and with the villagers will be wounded four commissar Yang Chengwu to the county with big armies of resources. "My father was only 18 years old, he and the villagers carrying a stretcher on the road all night." Tang Chunlin pointed at the hands of a few photos later said that Yang Chengwu’s family, to wipe out the guards all came to the house. "A few years ago to take the long march road, Yang Chengwu because of his age, his guards on his wish to complete, but also at home to see us." The county Party office staff Jiang Tingsong said, this battle is considered to be the battle of Xiangjiang, the largest and most tragic battle, marshal Nie Rongzhen later wrote "Jue zujizhan sacrifice of the Red Army martyrs are immortal". "Here is the original name" mountain foot shop ", but marshal Nie Rongzhen deliberately" feet "written word homophonic" consciousness ", refers to the Red Army after the war, the awakening of the." In the Xiangjiang peace village of the county of Phoenix township near Phoenix mouth ferry is one of the 4 Red Army in the battle of Xiangjiang Dadukou breakthrough. Now, a non powered ferry is the main way to travel on both sides of the villagers. Five year old Jiang Xinrong Peace Village, here to pull the boat for 16 years, every day from the ferry hundreds of times, he often told visiting foreigners about the Red Army crossing the Xiangjiang story. Pictured on both sides of the villagers to cross the river. Zhao Linlu was taken as the central column right back in eight red army suffered heavy casualties. The eight army chief sign when there are more than ten thousand people, but in Xiangjiang, remaining more than 1200 people. Local people said that after the battle, the villagers buried the three day of the martyrs body in the river, and then sank in the river more martyrs. The poet Chen Jing wrote a poem: "ten years of bloody Creek, three years do not eat fish in Xiangjiang River, all over the body." In August 1st this year, Guangxi Red Culture Communication Center Chinese workstation in the state opening into)相关的主题文章: