Guo Cao disputes, so the law rainlendar

Guo Cao disputes, legal person in August 31st, Guo Degang drying out Deyunshe genealogy in micro-blog, with the text "the Qing Qing, the flooding. The so-called clean-up portal, is to give a good account of the people. Where the sun does, rivers to Zhong is the tailor. May you stay away under the face of brilliant prospects. From the arena of distance, not goodbye". But more emphasized in the pedigree: "otherwise had Yongyun word stage name two days off, if every human progenitor rebellious, difficult to sell to division Qiurong, meaning: if evil ruthless like this, have no sense of shame for the police (watch) heinous, imitate, regain the name from his legacy." In September 5th Cao Yunjin published a report entitled "is the time, also do one taking" long micro-blog, he described Guo Degang’s resentment and mentoring, and said the name non Guo Degang gave, will always use it. At the end of said "your world is dangerous, but my world of sunshine, different life, so do not goodbye". The teacher and pupil in their real name micro-blog open open tear, tear out the legal issues as follows. First, Guo Degang Deyunshe in law nature shall be a limited liability company, its registered name and shareholders in the business, are in conformity with the provisions of the company law on limited liability company. Guo Deyunshe is in expert football business, and is the main support for the company’s profit, its role and position similar to a limited liability company in CEO. But the CEO style obviously does not meet the requirements of modem corporate governance rules against the company. The so-called "rules" can only be understood as the internal management mode, but this model is clearly not originally specified instead of the law. Second, in the context of "the drive of the drive, the Qing Dynasty", the first consideration should be whether the "Qing Qing" conforms to the provisions of China’s current labor contract law. No matter whether employees with Deyunshe Deyunshe signed a written contract, but as long as the Deyunshe at work, led the wages, or even if there is no salary but as an apprentice to work for Deyunshe, Deyunshe tube meal, so these guys are Deyunshe and formed a de facto labor contract, both parties shall abide by the relevant provisions the labor contract law. Guo Degang ‘words and deeds should be understood as "corporate behavior Deyunshe, if the violation of the mandatory labor contract law or provisions, the" drive clear "behavior should be invalid. Damage to the interests of the agency employees can put labor arbitration. If Guo Degang and the damage to the company or the interests of employees, Deyunshe shareholders (his wife and brother-in-law) can exercise the rights of shareholders, to stop and correct the illegal behavior of Guo Degang. Third, issued a revised "Genealogy" behavior, belonging to the company’s major business planning and management decision-making, should be held by the company temporarily by a resolution of the shareholders’ meeting, and the "family tree" with strong personal attributes, the specific Deyunshe employees, and intends to publish "Genealogy" shall seek opinions and suggestions of employees involved, and then the shareholders or the board of directors will reconsider the decision. If Guo Degang to the identity of the shareholders and the shareholders the right to act, without legal procedures, is published "Genealogy" provisions of the act or mandatory prohibition may violate the company law is invalid. Fourth, Guo Degang public development of the text said, every difficult to change.相关的主题文章: