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Internet-and-Business-Online There are a multitude of free classified ad sites on the Internet, many of which will also submit your classified ad to other sites as well as their own. Sometimes there is also the option to upgrade at a reasonable fee which will generally mean that your ad may receive priority placements at the top of the category you list in. Don’t just settle for the first few classified ad sites to appear at the top of your search engine page. You will most definitely benefit from continuing to try out new ones as you will find that some will perform better than others. You will have around twenty five to thirty words to try to encourage a prospective buyer to click on your affiliate link so you need to know how to write a classified ad that catches the attention of that prospect and turn that prospect into a sale. As with any Internet marketing campaign, planning is vitally crucial to your success. You need to put time and effort into creating an ad that will draw attention and therefore, it should not be put together in five minutes flat. You need to understand who your potential customer is so that you can figure out what buttons you need to push in order to get the sale. All affiliate products and services .e with a number of benefits which you need to be able to identify and then pick the strongest of these to use within your advertisement. You may find that you need to write several advertisements in order to get the wording just right for your audience. You can also put a number of different advertisements out on different sites to see which ones work better than others. It’s important that you identify ‘benefits’ rather than ‘features’ and this is where a lot of people make a mistake. To clarify, benefits tell the prospect how life will be made simpler/easier/happier by using your product and a feature is how many or what kind of parts or ingredients it uses. Customers buy based on benefits, not features. Keywords are an integral part of classified advertisement writing as with any kind of Inter. marketing. You need to research carefully to find out what keywords are the strongest and try to incorporate them within your advertisement. Some sites also allow you to add keywords in addition to what you actually write in your advert and it is wise to utilize this bonus. This will help people to find your ad more easily so be careful to choose the strongest keywords possible. In the short space allowed you need to be able to achieve a connection with the reader and draw them in, promote the product and persuade the reader to click on your link and it also needs to stand out from a page which could include dozens of other adverts as well. Therefore, it needs to be as strong as possible if it has any chance of receiving a good response rate. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: