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Self-Improvement Who hasnt heard of Helen Keller quotes? From the time you were in school, teachers have been quick to point out how the American author and political activist helped shape how the world looks at women and disabilities. Her words, especially the ones below, have always been a source of inspiration for many people. Hellen Keller Quote # 1: All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming. Lets face it. The world today can be a little depressing. When you watch the evening news or read the morning paper, theres always something about an accident or a grave injustice somewhere. The system isnt fair and the future seems bleak. Does this mean that you should just give up? Helen Keller didnt think so. She was deaf and blind, but she was able to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. She’s the first deaf and blind person to do so at that! So while she knows that life is anything but easy, she still held on to hope. No matter how dire you think your situation is, you must still have hope. Hellen Keller Quote # 2: I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble. This inspirational quote speaks of being diligent. No matter how seemingly insignificant a task is, you must always strive to do your best on it. There are no small roles. Keller had realized this at an early age and thus, was one of the reasons why she was so successful in her studies. So the next time you think about not doing your homework or not doing your best on that annual report, think again. These things, no matter how small, will one day pave the way to your success. Hellen Keller Quote # 3: It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision. This motivational quote has captured the hearts of many proponents. To have full faculty of your senses, but to not use them wisely, is such a waste. Dont be content to let life string you along. Be more adventurous in your decisions and look towards the future. Have goals and fulfill them. Helen Keller quotes are always inspiring and full of life lessons. I hope that the quotes above will be able to give you the insight to live your life as the esteemed icon did. About the Author: By: Universe Jobs – With some sound advice you would easily be able to accomplish your objectives, without fretting over spending lots and lots of time over coffee dates and having to attend umpteen networking events. By: Universe Jobs – The sooner you learn to prioritize effectively, the more efficient you become, while saving time and energy, not to forget the reduced stress levels you experience as a result. By: Universe Jobs – Make necessary allowances and adopt a balanced approach wherein a strict leadership style blends in seamlessly with traits like empathy as well as cooperation as a basis for sustained interaction. By: Universe Jobs – Now when it comes to taking care of your career growth, look for a more experienced hand as that person can most certainly take off many a years out of the learning curve. By: Kevin Tmim – Think about everything you can be thankful for. I will suggest that there is plenty. By: Universe Jobs – The most sensible thing to do at this juncture is to take stock of what others are doing and succeeding and what you need to do in addition to the things you have been doing all along to spruce up your personal brand and get equally successful … By: Universe Jobs – The scenario might appear grim at the onset, however the corporate world is home to a lot many introverts and it is interesting to note, they happen to occupy the positions they love. By: Mark Wadsen – In the courtroom, reality replaced fiction, but the impression of a massacre had not been erased. The words of the Gazette in its best fictional form were truly the words of revolution. John Adams in 1815, summarized: What do we mean b … By: Gloria Philips – It really is quite an apparent fact there are many people indulging in alcohol abuse. Most of them have grown to be very addicted they cannot do without consuming doses of alcoholic drinks and related substances. By: Pat Esposito – Some of the greatest books that you will ever read may be closer than you think. When you know where to look, you will find more books than you can read. Finding good books is almost as fun as reading them. Enjoy the journey. 相关的主题文章: