Hengda Real estate stocks to pick a first backdoor shenshenfang light back to the a cards – F ca1806

Hengda Real estate first to pick A shares   shares backdoor; shenshenfang A back light "cards" — Finance — people.com.cn in the Wanda Commercial Real Estate (03699.HK) after the successful completion of H shares delisting, for Chinese Hengda (03333.HK) market is expected to return to A shares is just a matter of time, after all, as a sales contract more than 300 billion yuan of real estate enterprises, a market value of HK $about 70000000000 is in any case can not accept the. However, most people did not think that, in the continuous acquisition and placards of the Jia Kaicheng (000918.SZ), Langfang (600149.SH) and A (000002.SZ) after Vanke, Hengda Chinese suddenly went on to later chose to split the real estate business, and then through the backdoor of Shenzhen’s capital’s real estate listed companies shenshenfang A (000029.SZ) to complete the return of A shares. Now it seems, tossing more than half a year China Hengda A shares to acquire all the game and placards, real estate company by hand, more is to improve the real estate company through the financial investment of the debt ratio, for the subsequent listing and pre bedding, shenshenfang A is the return of A shares Hengda Real "cards". The attitude of regulators is unknown in October 3rd, Hengda Chinese through the official announcement that the company has been on the same day and shenshenfang and its controlling shareholder of Shenzhen Investment Holdings Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Shenzhen Investment Holdings") signed a cooperation agreement, the agreement will be through shenshenfang issued A shares or cash to buy Kchibo home holds 100% stake in Hengda Real estate. In this transaction, Chinese Hengda forthrightly is through the backdoor way to complete the Hengda Real Estate Listed A shares, the first is the Hengda Real Estate 100% of the shares into the listed company, the Kchibo home will also replace the trust controlling shareholder of Shenzhen Investment Holdings become the real deep. Vanke A and Jiakai city and Langfang development of the previously released announcement placards, Hengda Real estate ownership structure outlined in detail, by Xu Jiayin BVI (BVI) Company Limited Xinxin absolute holding listed on the Hong Kong stock company Chinese Hengda, and China Hengda by BVI company of Anji Limited owns 100% domestic companies over Feng home, Chao Feng home and 100% shares of Kchibo home, Kchibo home 100% stake in Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Evergrande"). If China Hengda also used outside the delisting return of A shares of the line, then will be faced with privatization, back tax and sustainable debt problems, by contrast, take the method of partition is widely used overseas red chip companies listed, apparently more practical, earlier this year, Hong Kong listed companies Chinese Zhong Wang (01333.HK) on by using the method of spin off assets to launch A shares backdoor listing plan. Of course, this is also a risk chess. At the beginning of September Shanghai to Chinese Zhongwang target backdoor shares (600890.SH) sent second copies of letter of inquiry, the China SFC routine press conference prior to the clear market for overseas listing of red chip enterprises, through mergers and acquisitions)相关的主题文章: