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Hilary in the health door? The Hilary campaign lead – Sohu news weakened physical discomfort (white circle) is accompanied by the car. Figure IC Oriental freehand open cans in response to health question, severe cough for two minutes of competitors claiming to be "allergic", concussion "don’t remember" scraped through the Federal Bureau of investigation "mail" inquiries…… Nearly seventy years of Democratic presidential candidate Hilary? Clinton’s health problems have been the subject of attention. 11 days in New York "9? 11" events to commemorate the event, she was under sudden discomfort, under the watchful eyes of the people to leave early, once again into the door of health". "Pneumonia" caused by the subsequent cancellation local time on the morning of 11, Hilary in New York city to participate in the "9? Unwell 11" commemorative activities, by 3 members of his entourage helped early exit. According to the Fawkes news channel reported that a sudden, Hilary ready to leave, wait a few minutes her car came; and Hilary was also out of a teeter, shoes. Campaign team said, Hilary because of the weather overheating and dehydration symptoms. Her doctor said later that day, Hilary was diagnosed with pneumonia 9, is undergoing treatment. Two hours back to the daughter of Manhattan apartment, Hilary again appeared in the media in front of the camera, claiming to feel good". However, her campaign team was announced on the evening of 11, canceled her election campaign from 12 to 13. "Health" is no longer a conspiracy, coughing repeatedly fainted, reportedly because of a concussion cause brain damage, as well as the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump? The alleged epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, dysphasia and even Alzheimer’s disease…… Around Hilary’s health has been a lot of rumors, but the mainstream media rarely concerned about the matter. However, Diao Daming Chinese American Academy of Social Sciences experts believe that in the "9 accident? Leave early 11" 15 anniversary "to the scene, Hilary had been with a conspiratorial color health door" become the real election issues of public concern, the future may affect the long-term and large election. Diao Daming said that the so-called election issue, in fact, is the focus of U.S. voters, it is not necessarily true. The Hilary campaign had no negative speculation good control or respond to the "health", the "tigers into suffering health problems". Coupled with the "9, 11" Commemoration of the temporary situation, probably in the next one or two weeks, Hilary and the polls will further narrow the gap between the. Another cause for concern is that Hilary was diagnosed with pneumonia cure period, may be up to several weeks or 1 months, which means that by the middle of October, Hilary may not be able to go all out in the campaign. And Hilary can well meet the two presidential debates and her performance in the debate, will directly affect her future campaign". Diao Daming also pointed out that due to the lack of conclusive evidence, the current health door is not enough to make people believe that Hilary has been unable to run or fulfill the duties of the president. Trump does not attack himself.相关的主题文章: