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Hometown of Chaozhou released Chaozhou tourism album provide detailed guidelines – Beijing, Chaozhou city held a cheongsam show for 30 days more than 200 tourists, dressed in gorgeous cheongsam beauty show Chaozhou embroidery, cheongsam culture. Chen Kai was taken 30 held in Chaozhou city more than 200 cheongsam show, dressed in gorgeous cheongsam beauty show Chaozhou embroidery, cheongsam culture. Chen Qiren photo Beijing, Chaozhou, October 30, (Chen Qiren Ding Jie) Chinese historical and cultural city, the famous hometown of Guangdong in Chaozhou issued 30 "Chaozhou tourism", "Chaozhou tourism brochure hand-painted map", Chaozhou tourism provides detailed guidelines for tourists at home and abroad. Chaozhou rich cultural heritage, rich in tourism resources, China is a historical and cultural city, is China outstanding tourist city, the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, has more than and 700 cultural relics, 9 national key cultural relics protection units, including one of the four ancient China bridge, Guangji Bridge Han Yu Memorial temples — hanwengong temple etc.. Chaozhou City Tourism Bureau Li Guirong introduction, the release of the album "Chaozhou tourism" with beautiful pictures, and systematically show Chaozhou history and culture, folk customs, cultural relics, delicacy beauty; "Chaozhou tourism map" in the lively and vivid hand-painted hand-painted style, provide detailed guidelines for tourists in Chaozhou tourism. Reporter read "Chaozhou tourism" to see the hand-painted map, map of Chaozhou, Guangji Bridge hanwengong temple, Kaiyuan Temple and other famous tourist attractions are introduced in detail and guidelines, in addition to separate Chaozhou tourist guide map, at home and abroad to introduce visitors to Chaozhou and delicacy wood carving, embroidery, hand pots and other traditional Chaozhou the arts and crafts, allowing visitors to a map in hand, in Chaozhou. The same day, Chaozhou city also held a cheongsam show, Chaozhou beauty more than 200 hand umbrella dressed in gorgeous dress, in a Guangji Bridge view, become a beautiful scenery line, show embroidery, cheongsam culture to visitors. (end)相关的主题文章: