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Hong Kong media: nearly 70% in Hong Kong aliens think that Hongkong is the development of the ideal – Beijing [Global Times correspondent in Hongkong blue HSBC] a survey found that Hongkong became the world’s preferred location for the development of the cause of people living. According to Hongkong, "Sing Tao Daily" reported on 22, the survey found that the people living in Hongkong, 62% of respondents said income than in the high places of origin, while the global average of only 45% people residing in Hong Kong; the average annual income of nearly $170 thousand, far higher than the global average of $97 thousand, is 7.3 times the average annual salary of workers in Hongkong, "a well paid job that people living in". The survey also showed that nearly 70% of the people think that living in Hong Kong, Hongkong is an ideal place for a career, and above all other surveyed countries and regions. Singapore and the United Kingdom, like the 62% identity, the United States is 61%. About 63% of respondents believe that working in Hong Kong will improve their future employment prospects continue to go to other countries, regions or return to their native place, while the global average of 46%. A person is at the age of 18, and is currently living in the home were born outside the country or region people. People living in Hong Kong is not only higher than the average income, but also in the home to save more. Survey shows that 56% of the diaspora believes that living in Hongkong that they can accelerate the realization of long-term savings and investment targets, while the global average of 38%. In addition, there are 74% people residing in Hong Kong has its own property in the country of origin or Hongkong, slightly higher than the global average of 67%. The survey by HSBC Expat commissioned by YouGov in March and April this year, has visited 190 countries and regions have 26871 people, including 616 people living in Hongkong, nearly half in the financial sector. But all factors livable, Singapore still won two consecutive years ranked first, in economy, experience and family living the most people praise, ranking of Hongkong in thirteenth, higher than that in Taiwan, the mainland is ranked thirty-fourth. HSBC Hongkong district retail banking and wealth management business director Hingre believes that Hongkong is an international financial center, adjacent to the mainland, will continue to provide a large number of high-quality jobs, attract the pursuit of success, rapid promotion and salary raise a person.相关的主题文章: