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Beauty A marvelous micro alga, Chlorella, is the active ingredient in a range of everyday products, including handmade soap. Chlorella is a green micro organism from the phylum Chlorophyta. Reproducing in the same way a plant does by means of photosynthesis this exceptionally tiny micro-organism is green and has extraordinarily therapeutic effects on our skin. Healing Chlorella As an active ingredient of handmade soap, Chlorella feeds the skin with proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, chlorophylls, minerals and vitamins. Soap made with chlorella helps the body to heal from skin conditions like skin ulcers and rashes, while actively preventing the absorption of heavy metals in our atmosphere. Chlorella is able to enclose metals like lead and mercury, preventing their absorption through the skin. A Membrane of Moisture Frequent use of handmade soap containing chlorella helps the body by creating a moisture membrane between our skin and the outside world we .e into contact with every day. A resistant barrier formed by fine membrane of natural glycerin keeps toxic metals, chemicals and other substances from entering our body. The skin is kept smooth and lively beneath a protective layer that actively inhibits entry of harmful substances. Slowing the Ageing Process Chlorella is an excellent source of nucleic acids. Our body naturally produces these acids that are responsible for cell repair, growth and renewal. When these acids are in short supply, and this happens shortly after we reach twenty, our cells begin to age. By feeding our bodies with foods containing nucleic acids and by nourishing our skin with handmade soap containing chlorella, we are able to restore the balance of nucleic acids in our system and slow the ageing process. All Natural Handmade Soap By making sure we use a soap wonderfully .posed of all natural ingredients, we help our body to resist toxic substances. Chlorella, natural vegetable oils and extracts of herbs can provide lasting effects of skin renewal if a daily cleansing routine is consistently followed. The phytonutrients, amino acids, essential vitamins and minerals are all natural and contribute holistically to renewing our skin every day. The History of Chlorella Chlorella was first discovered by scientists towards the end of the 19th Century. Soon a dream was born that Chlorella, because it contains 60% proteins and reproduces quickly, could solve the worlds food availability problem. Interest in Chlorella as a food source slowed with the discovery that the single-cell micro alga was hard to digest. It was only in 1975 that a method for making Chlorella more digestible was realized. Revitalizing Handmade Soap Soaps containing Chlorella and made from all-natural ingredients have the potential to reduce our skins intake of heavy metals and other toxic substances. Chlorella also reduces the stress our body feels from air pollution and poor eating habits. Regenerative nucleic acids, vitamins and minerals renew our skin from the inside while natural glycerin forms a protective membrane as rich pore-size bubbles wash away the excesses of the day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: