Huang Meng media works exhibition will be landing in Shanghai Mao space cancam

Huang Meng media works exhibition will be landing in Shanghai Mao Space Exhibition Poster sponsored by the Shanghai Mao Space, curator of the Feng Boyi plan "who are you, what is this place, what works here you Meng Huang (2004-2016)" exhibition will be held at the Shanghai Mao Space in November 1, 2016. This exhibition will present Meng Huang painting, photography and other imaging devices, multi media behavior more than 60 pieces of works. "Space 6" Space 6 50x40cm 2013 Meng Huang has been through the way of painting, like roads, trees and water and other topics, he said: "my most important work is the understanding of the landscape". The gloomy tone and his choice of the specific location and scene are mostly related to the historical and cultural significance, which reflects Meng Huang’s critical thinking and annotation on China’s present situation and social system. His paintings, both as the solidification of the road, the swing of the branches to the dynamic flow, not only the natural appearance of the figurative expression, more important is the reproduction of the hybrid of human and nature and social relations, and then pay attention to the reality crisis under the personal fate, also caused the viewer all sorts of identity crisis. Sad feelings. The motive force of the artist’s creation is the conflict between the reality and the artist’s heart, which examines the artist’s humanistic care and value orientation. "Space 15" Space 152014 50x40cm so, visual text Meng Huang has deeply engraved his personal memories and feelings of imprinting, showing wild texture and the vicissitudes of the tone, more add a layer of melancholy and melancholy in the air, perhaps threw into the have never been heard of since. Meng Huang also said: "today I through the road to describe the minds of the distance, looking forward to a more beautiful land of the free". "Space 9" Space 92014 50x40cm at the same time, Meng Huang kept writing free and open positions and attitudes. Meng Huang moved to Berlin in 2006, with this new difference, liquidity and uncertainty of survival, is not only the concept of physical space displacement, is one kind of life, the creation idea and the generation of visual language, led to his thinking on the flow changes the new dwelling. If the painting has Meng Huang symbolic metaphor, so his art another persona, he is also the multi media art form, such as installation, photography and behavior art, but rather has a direct, rebellious and critical means, that he can achieve personal strength to resist social power degree. It is with the individual extreme to ignore and challenge social and political power of the extreme, this is a bit of a tragic color like moths. "The face" canvas 280x180cm is not only the reason of his works, but also in his relentless pursuit of freedom. Then, the visual image behavior from the non realistic level into a realistic level, in order to reveal the absurdity of both manufacturer and heir of the absurd, and the beliefs and values and a variety of practical order of existence question, expose. So, Meng huang.相关的主题文章: