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Huizhou ecological civilization construction planning through expert review – Guangdong Channel – People’s original title: Huizhou ecological civilization construction planning through expert review of Huizhou good air environment. Nanfang Daily reporter Wang Changhui photo 29, by the Ministry of environmental protection, Guangdong Province Environmental Protection Bureau in Huizhou city hosted the "Huizhou ecological civilization construction plan (2016 – 2025)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") experts will. Participating experts and representatives in the review of the relevant technical documents, listened to the preparation of the "planning" the main content of the report, after careful discussion, agreed that the "plan" through the demonstration. "Planning" pointed out that the Huizhou economy steady growth at the same time, the stage of ecological civilization construction has achieved remarkable results, with a beautiful ecological environment, rich natural resources, geographical advantages, industry characteristics, historical and cultural advantages such as heavy foundation, but at the same time, the Huizhou environmental protection system is not perfect. The circular economy system has not been established, the spatial pattern of development optimization of the ecological culture construction needs to be strengthened. Therefore, the "planning" proposed to give full play to the Huizhou city location advantages, economic advantages, ecological advantages and special features, comprehensive ecological civilization construction, strive to innovate and improve the institutional mechanisms to accelerate economic transformation and upgrading and optimization of spatial development pattern, and promote economic and social development and resources and environment, growing prosperity and ecological civilization, formed in line with the concept of ecological civilization and the mode of production, way of life and consumption, built in circulation characteristics of efficient ecological industry system, in order to save intensive based resource security system, environmental protection system for pollution prevention and control as the focus, to the ecological network for the ecological security support system, the harmony between man and nature as the basis of ecological human settlements system of ecological culture system in ancient and modern culture and ecological civilization as a symbol of the fusion, build a high-efficiency ecological economy, The new Huizhou environment is beautiful, ecological harmony and cultural ecological system ecological prosperity, improve the modern ecological civilization. The Group believes that the "planning" compiled according to the full, informative, comprehensive, focused, correct guiding ideology and the basic principle, the overall planning of clear thinking, clear objectives, index system integrity, reasonable technical route, main tasks, key projects and measures feasible, scientific, forward-looking and maneuverability. As the construction of ecological civilization in Huizhou city on the basis of decision making. At the same time, the "planning" of ecological environment and economic development status of Huizhou city into consideration, pay attention to the development of circular economy, the key task of ecological civilization construction of the overall deployment, proposed "the development of ecological space optimization, construction of ecological economy, ecological environment, ecological life, ecological culture, ecological system and other key tasks and measures, has a certain the significance of ecological civilization construction in Huizhou City, strong operability. Experts suggest that the "planning" to further strengthen the cohesion and the relevant planning, optimization index system, to further highlight the characteristics of Huizhou, strengthen the overall protection of land ecological environment. Next, the "plan" has been revised and improved, will be submitted for approval according to the procedures and organize the implementation. (Lu Huihui ring vision) (commissioning editor Yang Jieli and Zhang Haiyan)相关的主题文章: