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News-and-Society There has always been attention given to the activities of various celebrities. In recent years, celebrity news has become more popular. This trend has paved the way for more celebrity magazines to emerge in order to satisfy the public’s appetite for celebrity gossip. However, although celebrity magazines have had an impact on the magazine world, the magazines have also had an impact on Hollywood as well. With the dramatic increase in attention the celebrity magazines provide, there has been both positive and negative effects in Hollywood. For instance, in a positive development, there has been a giant push for celebrities to promote charities and other organizations that strive to benefit humankind and the world at large. This promotion is done often through the celebrity magazines. When one of these stories is picked up by the gossip magazines, millions of people are made aware of these causes and can contribute to these benevolent organizations. Putting pressure on major organizations to enact change is something positive that celebrity magazines have done. Also, due to the fact that celebrities have recognizable names and therefore powerful voices, what celebrities say and the organizations that they support receive an increase in attention through celebrity magazines and other venues. It is important to remember, however, that celebrity magazines are for entertainment. In many cases, no matter what magazines say about celebrities, the individuals that they are covering are sometimes people who do not want the hype. Obviously, these artists and power-brokers are in the public eye, but, in the end, many are just hardworking individuals who are doing what they love to do, and are not looking for extra attention. Nowadays, with so many celebrity magazines on the market, more reporters and photographers than ever before are fighting for stories and photos. This can be distracting to those that simply want to work in Hollywood or elsewhere, and in the worst cases, can affect the quality of their work. . Consequently, the more celebrity magazines that are available to the public means more pages that are needed to be filled with celebrity gossip. The various magazines require stories and pictures to satisfy their readership. What this leads to, ultimately, is that each magazine must develop an angle to attract the reader, and sometimes these angles might not be accurate, or even an obvious lie. Some couples claim that the constant pressure from the celebrity magazines is what ultimately led to their breakups, and some claim that by doing these things out in public where everyone can see them, the couples themselves have allowed the magazines to have an impact on what they are doing and where they are going as a couple. This can be very entertaining for readers, but perhaps damaging to the stars’ career. Managing these situations from a public relations point of view is crucial to the stars maintaining a positive image. There are stars, however, which use this spotlight to increase their status. The old adage, "there’s no such thing as bad press" is taken advantage of on a weekly basis. Publicity stunts are more common, as is outrageous behavior. Due to the broad spotlight that celebrity magazines cast, it has become difficult to determine whether or not a star’s behavior is genuine, or fabricated to get attention. Perhaps an artist wants attention that their roles or their records are not getting them; they can do something outrageous and get the coverage. Also, celebrities use the magazines to plug and promote the projects they are working on. A downside of this trend is that celebrity magazines pay handily for insider information, and some projects are leaked ahead of schedule. Many stars, actors in particular, feel that their believability in an on-screen role is compromised by the celebrity magazine’s focus on their personal lives. Clearly, the increase in popularity of celebrity magazines has become a force to be reckoned with in the Hollywood community. Like many things, the impact on Hollywood from celebrity magazines has been both bad and good. For instance, there has been an upward trend in the amount of coverage that has been given to things that celebrities endorse and other organizations that celebrities feel are positive organizations. This coverage can only help those causes. Also, the magazines that talk about celebrities have a tendency to report on everything – and something that they are very good at doing is showing the nation at large that celebrities are just regular people. Because they are always going to be under scrutiny from the magazines, some celebrities try harder to project a positive image. The attention provided by celebrity magazines has engineered a general push in Hollywood for celebrities to stand as examples to the rest of the world. This has helped to provide more role models, as well. All of these things are a result of the celebrity magazines, and their current upward shift in popularity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: