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Business India is one of the leading nations in terms of importing and exporting goods around the globe. The country is the home to number of industries and overseas ventures. Large amount of goods and raw materials are dispatched and received every year. The nation has immense opportunities for global trading and attracted business .panies from all over the world. If you want to setup a new venture here, you must need to do a .plete market analysis. Analyzing a big and constantly changing market is not an easy job. You must need some concrete facts to formulate you basic assumptions. In this situation, export and import data can be really helpful for you. With the advancement in technology, shipping data has be.e a widely used tools for market analysis. Numerous multinational .panies are making use of such statistics to gain insight about important facts, such as optimize shipping routes, production levels, and products in demand. The country is surrounded by sea from three sides. The geographical location of the nation makes it ideal for shipping goods through sea routes. There are numbers of ports located across its large coastline. The twelve major ports are; Kandla, Nhava Sheva, Mumbai, Marmagao, Panambur, Cochin, Port Blair, Tuticorin, Chennai, Vizag, Paradip, and Haldia. Apart from these, there are 200 more ports located on its shoreline. These 200 ports are non-major and intermediate ports that supports to major ports. India dispatches large amount of goods every year to different countries. The products are known for their good quality and .petitive rates around the world. The products manufactured in here have great popularity in countries, like United States, United Kingdom, Japan, and China. Some most popular merchandise exported by the country include vegetable oil, iron and steel, machinery, ores, and gems. You can get the .plete detail of the shipped and received goods along with the respective names and addresses of ports by analyzing the shipping statistics. In addition, you can also find details of manufactures, shipping .panies, and buyers with .plete business statistics. This information will help you to understand the current market trends and products in demand in the country of your choice. You can also utilize this information to get some future insights and plan your business operations accordingly. With its fast pace economy, the country also Import large amount of goods from various places. Some biggest exporters are United States, Japan, and China. There are various Indian Export Data agencies available. To get the required information, you just need to contact with a reliable data service provider. You can contact them on the Inter.. Most of these service providers have tie-up with custom offices and responsible authorities to get the accurate records. They collect vast amount of facts from various sources and store it on their servers in digital format. You can download the required documents online with the help of provided URL and credentials of their online portals. You can also apply various operations, such as sorting, filtering, and sum, to manipulate records and get some more useful facts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: