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Intangible cultural heritage in Tibet staged continuous generations change Beijing in August 26 Shigatse news agency Xinhua: Intangible Cultural Heritage continued to be staged in Tibet for generations change author Yang Chengchen in the "Tibet" in Tibet Shigatse is experiencing the rainy season, the first night of rainstorm will wash the brush with the blue sky. Under the scorching sun, the United Nations is here staged Tibetan cultural heritage project. The annual Mount Everest Cultural Tourism Festival opened in Tibet autonomous region of Shigatse 25, all kinds of intangible cultural heritage projects have appeared. On the square, dressed in traditional costumes of the Tibetan actors circle, Thangka portrait hanging in the middle of the Tibetan Opera founder Tang Dong Jeb, nine. Follow the drums masked jump, rotate, or by oneself, or in knots, tells of a time history of the Tibetan story "Wen Ba PEMA". The chief of the Shigatse Municipal Bureau of culture art department Bazan Don Ju introduction, this drama is one of the eight Tibetan Opera repertoire, is more representative of Tibetan Opera repertoire in the genre of drama blue river. Blue face drama in four schools of the river in Pakistan, Pakistan, Jiong incense derived from Shigatse, the performance of the GA is Bainang County Dong Zhen Tibetan group, the play is the representative of. "The city’s large theatrical performances each year in Lhasa Shoton festival of Tibet large performance situation, the choice of folk opera group involved in Tourism Festival is a major feature." In 2009, the Tibetan opera was officially included in the "human representative list of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO". At present, there are more than and 80 people throughout Shigatse Tibetan Opera troupe. Bazan Don Ju believes that the Tibetan folk popular in the traditional culture of Tibet to protect and extend. Gesang Deji, who was also a junior at Yunnan Normal University, took advantage of the last few days of the holidays to meet with his classmates. She admitted that the older generation of Tibetans to better understand the Tibetan culture, and compared them to "in the Tibetan Tibetan speed is fast, and the different tone, young people can not fully understand the meaning." "Our Tibetan village has a history of nearly 700 years, has been passed to now." Over 78 years old Zahi Wan is an actor in the show the maximum age, more than 60 years of artistic career, the training of hundreds of Tibetan Opera actors. "Now, my greatest wish is to learn completely to teach future generations, hope that the traditional Tibetan opera can be handed down from age to age." Although it is not known, Gesang Deji returned to Shigatse every time will take time to see the show. "From the chronicle, see the Tibetan opera, a part of my life is to listen to opera, smart moves are good-looking than any other dance." She said, "in the Tibetan region, such as her love of local heritage items and a few young people. According to public information, at present, Shigatse province has the national list of intangible cultural heritage items 17, non Heritage Representative inheritors 10, the autonomous region level intangible cultural heritage list items 52, non Heritage Representative inheritors 48. In the morning of the 25 day of the opening ceremony, a saga, Lazi heap harmonic harmonic, harmonic, Malaysia, Tingri Luo Zhuo dance Tibet intangible cultural heritage program turns to perform. In a harmonic saga actor Nima Zahi is 22 years old this year, learning a harmonic saga has been ten years from the beginning, he told News Agency reporters, the other children at home)相关的主题文章: