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IS to change the small UAV bomber to the government forces to throw grenades – Sohu military channel data figure: IS frequent use of unmanned aerial vehicles. Low cost commercial small UAVs are playing an important role in the war in Mosul, Iraq, not only for reconnaissance, but also converted into a lethal weapon. Is the front line of the Iraqi government forces, 14, said the extremist organization Islamic state unmanned aerial vehicles into a bomber, carrying grenades thrown to the government forces. [new] tactics involved in the Operation Iraqi police officer Hossain? He told the Agence France-Presse reporter de Ndiaye, Islamic state recently released a drone in Mosul Nantou under a grenade, the goal is a government in the bunker. Mu Arye de said that although the attack did not cause casualties, but the Islamic state, the latest combat means has caused the attention of government forces. Up to now, they have encountered 3 similar attacks. Mu Arye de said, Islamic state armed men are not satisfied with the UAV reconnaissance, but also tried to use it as a weapon of destruction. The U.S. an unnamed official said, "the Islamic Republic" last month will be a foam material drones fly to the northern Kurdish regional capital Arbil, after landing by two Kurdish militia seized. The two people in the barracks and removing drones, built-in explosive device was killed and two other French soldiers were wounded. As the US led multinational coalition against the Islamic state members, France in Iraq about 500 soldiers, including the deployment of special forces in the Kurdish autonomous region, the main task for the training of Kurdish militia. Troy, a spokesman for the Allied forces, the US Army colonel, John, called the incident "the Trojan horse" attack on the island of. A French source said that this is a trap type drone attacks. Iraqi government forces in the war in Iraq since the war in 2003, the largest campaign in the widespread use of unmanned aerial vehicles to collect intelligence. Mu Arye De is a master of computer programming professionals uav. He converted in a truck into the armored vehicle glued to the computer screen, while the remote control device, said: "now I (UAV) to enter the danger zone," the Islamic state "is hidden here." Mu Arye de said he will be unmanned reconnaissance of intelligence to the Iraqi army and the Allied forces to help them in the shelling and air strikes to target the enemy. Mu Arye de introduction, the use of commercial drones mostly used by the government of the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, Arabia, low prices, the total price of about $26 thousand. Nevertheless, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles than the government of the Islamic state UAV high grade". Mu Arye De is most worried about the Islamic state on the UAV placed chemical weapons. CIA intelligence showed that the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria have repeatedly used chemical weapons, and has the ability of producing chlorine gas and mustard gas and other chemical weapons. Peter, a senior fellow at the new America Foundation, an American think tank, argues that, despite the.相关的主题文章: