Jiangsu Changshu Yunnan Yunnan official the child was traced to the sale has started a new network – noiseware

Jiangsu Changshu Yunnan Yunnan official: the child was traced to the sale of rights – Beijing has launched the new network in November 24 Kunming Xinhua (reporter Hu Yuanhang) for the media exposure of "Jiangsu Changshu sale of child laborers in Yunnan", Yunnan province people club Department 24, responded that the office after seeing the report, immediately start the action, at the same time requirements Yunnan province thorough investigation of such illegal employment practices. November 21st, the media exposure in Jiangsu, Changshou City garment processing workshop illegal employment of child labor phenomenon. Reported that every year there are a lot of people in Yunnan through the introduction of intermediary to work in Changshu, there were only 6000 people last year, and many of them are minors. Laborer salary is very low, poor working conditions, the index continued to increase the workload to endure, disobedient and beaten. Later that day, Jiangsu Changshu official informed that someone’s workshop for undocumented workshop, workshop foreman has been controlled by law. In this regard, the Yunnan Provincial Department of human resources and social as early as 24, responded that 21 days, Yunnan province people club hall after seeing the report, start legal action immediately, contact with the Jiangsu Provincial Department of human resources and social requirements, severely punished according to law, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minors in Yunnan province. At the same time, requirements across the province of Yunnan to draw inferences, such thorough investigation of illegal employment. (end)相关的主题文章: