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Shandong Jiaozhou students college entrance examination tampering suspect is immune from prosecution for original title: Shandong Jiaozhou students college entrance examination tampering with the suspects were from prosecution on 30 September, Ji’nan youth online (China Youth Daily · youth online reporter Xing Ting) September 30th, Shandong "Jiaozhou tampering with the students the college entrance examination" incident with the latest developments: on the morning of the same day, the Jiaozhou municipal procuratorate the Jiaozhou college entrance examination students tampering case crime suspect surnamed Guo decided not to prosecute processing, Guo followed by the public security organs release. From Jiaozhou, a high school candidates often apply for this year’s enrollment is free normal students in Shaanxi Normal University, but found that his college entrance examination was a classmate of Guo Moumou tampering, leading to their own can not learn. Chang Sheng and his family after the alarm, the Jiaozhou police investigation and evidence collection, in August 3rd confirmed Kwak alleged crimes, according to the law to take coercive measures. (see the newspaper reported on August 4th "who will fulfill my college dream") in August 12th, the Jiaozhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate made the decision to approve the arrest of the suspect surnamed Guo on suspicion of the crime of destroying computer information system. Shaanxi Normal University of Chang Sheng makeup make decision, at present, Chang Sheng has been successfully admitted to the school. Has been detained for 58 days in Jiaozhou on September 30th, the day of the city of the detention center, so that the public question is that the decision not to prosecute whether legitimate? According to September 30th Shandong Provincial People’s Procuratorate issued the official micro-blog said, Jiaozhou city procuratorate investigators, after the case transferred to the prosecution, the contractor conducted a review of the case, that in the stage of review and prosecution by the suspect surnamed Guo summons initiative appearing in court, truthfully confessed the crime, and wrote in September 23rd a confession, confession and repentance and good attitude; no criminal record, first offense, occasional victims often rise have been accepted; and expressed its understanding, request the judicial organ to their sentences, and issue a written memorandum of understanding; at the same time, the contractor carries on the investigation to the school, the teacher said it behaved well at school, the teachers and students through counsel to submit multiple copies of the petition request of their sentences, these are all statutory and discretionary lighter punishment of the plot, so the city of Jiaozhou Procuratorate decided to make a decision not to prosecute.   Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: