Jilin offers a search for the missing radioactive source container has not yet been found kimi wo omou melodi

Jilin has yet to be found in a new network in Jilin offered a reward for the radioactive source lost containers containing radioactive isotope container during transport has not yet been found as of press time lost 23 evening looking for lost radioactive source containers in Jilin Province, Songyuan municipal government announced that the Daqing drilling logging company of a container containing radioactive isotopes lost at present, the municipal government and relevant departments promptly launched the emergency response, Jilin Province Environmental Protection Bureau sent experts investigation group to Songyuan, the public security authorities are looking for organizations. As of the end of 24, Beijing Youth Daily reporter on the evening of 11 press time, with a radioactive isotope container has not yet been found. According to the notification issued by the Songyuan municipal government, from September 19, 2016 to 21, the Daqing drilling logging company in the construction of the transport process will be equipped with radioactive isotope container lost. Songyuan municipal government and relevant departments have launched an emergency response, the provincial environmental protection department sent an expert investigation team to Songyuan. Jilin province radiation experts and sources confirmed that the missing container containing radioactive isotopes — 113 tin indium 113m, loss of activity is equivalent to the class V radioactive source, is a low risk source, long time exposure will cause damage to the human body. According to the Songyuan municipal government, the article is 20 cm high, with a handle, the top of the tank with the logo "2", the tank is blue. According to the State Environmental Protection Administration in 2005 through "radioisotopes and radiation safety license management measures" provisions, according to the radiation source and radiation devices on human health and environmental potential hazards, from high to low, the radiation source is divided into class I, II, III, IV, V, and the loss of radioactive isotope hazards contained in the container into fifth categories. According to 2005 the State Council promulgated the "radioisotopes and radiation safety and protection regulations", according to the nature of radiation accidents, severity, controllability and the extent of such heavy to light incident radiation is especially serious radiation accidents, serious radiation accidents, large radiation accidents and radiation accidents four levels. Among them, class IV and V class radioactive source is lost, stolen, lost control of radiation accident belongs to. Songyuan City Public Security Bureau Songjiang Branch issued a reward notice, the notice said, "because the facilities belonging to the valuables, now the whole of society for clues, who found the valuable items and the (clue), cash 10000 yuan reward, who found items and public security organs active, reward 30000 yuan." Beijing Youth Daily reporter contacted the Songyuan radiation environmental monitoring station, the staff said that at present has not yet found the canned objects, and said the loss of specific time and place can not be determined. Songyuan City Public Security Bureau Songjiang Branch police officer said the sun, the police are still looking for the organization, the specific details are not convenient to disclose. News links around the loss of radioactive sources have repeatedly occurred in May 2014, Nanjing City Environmental Protection Bureau confirmed that during the Tianjin Hongdi testing company engineering inspection operation in Sinopec fifth construction company of the hospital, for the detection of missing radioactive iridium -192 a. Four days later, the Lin相关的主题文章: