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Business With a tremendous increase in the demand for making money online, a lot of issues have aroused. These issues pertain to low revenue generation and unequal distribution of in.e due to various geographical and other factors. For such issues, a new concept has been developed named as affiliate marketing. It works on a simple logic, promotion and sale of the product or service and earning a .mission ranging upto 50% of the cost of the product. Any enterprise selects or undertakes assistance of an Affiliate who promotes the product or service and when the sale is done due to assistance of any Affiliate he/she is rewarded. One of the pioneers in undertaking this program is Amazon… It is considered as one of the largest marketplace of the world offering infinite products. It provides an opportunity to people to earn money by joining the Amazon Affiliate program. The only activity that an Amazon affiliate has to undertake is the promotion of the products. It involves no cost and less effort and can act as a major fraction of the in.e of people. One thing which is criticized heavily by many people is the low .mission rates for the Amazon affiliate. The .mission under the program ranges from 4% to 15% only, which is relatively lower in .parison to other programs. In addition to low .missions, there are many restrictions for the promotion of the products which makes the job little difficult in .parison to other programs. There is one more issue, which is of more concern to the affiliates is that, if the sale is done after 24 hours of promotion, Amazon.. cannot track the person responsible for the sale of product. The referral cookies do not exist after 24 hours while such cookies of other enterprises and programs exist for 30-60 days. Thus these all factors largely contribute to the negative side of the program. Despite of so many negative issues in the program, the Amazon Affiliate program is highly re.mended by many experts because of various reasons. First is the dependency for payment on Amazon… All the payment terms are clearly defined in the start and steady payment is made to all affiliates which guarantee a security of payment. Second reason is the amount and variety of stock of Amazon… The enterprise deals with almost every product manufactured all over the globe, so affiliates can choose the products to promote on their suitability and can sell it easily. Even the trustworthiness and credibility of Amazon.. plays a vital role in supporting the promotional activities as the enterprise has enormous respect all over the globe. Apart from the above mentioned, the after sales services and other factors also play a significant role. Thus even though the program is criticized by many people, Amazon Affiliate program is one of the best and biggest program in the affiliate marketing till now. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: