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UnCategorized Have you given up on getting your book finished? Don’t give up; there’s still time. Here’s a tip that will jumpstart your writing and help you finish. Make a .mitment that this is the year; now is the time to get your book written. You might ask, "What’s the big deal about making a .mitment to write a book?" It’s kind of like boyfriend and girlfriend relationships. The girl is usually all about getting and hearing a .mitment from the guy. Unless the guy makes a .mitment and deems her (his girlfriend,) she doesn’t really know if he’s serious or not. In a similar way, unless you make a .mitment to write your book, the universe doesn’t know if you are serious about getting your book done. In the words of Gerald R. Ford, "Begin to act boldly; the moment one definitely .mits oneself heaven moves on their behalf." Back to that tip, there are 3 simple steps that will seal your .mitment to write a book. 1. Move your .mitment up to your 3 top priorities. Let’s get real unless you’re willing to do this, you probably won’t get it done. Use the cumulative effect. I’ve used it over the years. It has worked for me. I believe it will work for you. Using the cumulative effect, you do a little bit each day or each session. Whether it’s an hour, 30 minutes or even 20 minutes, start to do it daily. 2. Secondly, write your .mitment down and sign it. When you write your .mitment down you put your psyche on notice, you put your life on notice, your world, even the universe. When you put the world on notice, you are letting everyone know you are serious about getting your book written and into the hands of your readers. 3. Thirdly, tell someone. I know; that can be difficult. Perhaps you are like your book coach, reluctant to tell someone because you’ve done it all before. You told someone but didn’t ac.plish your goal. It was embarrassing. Same here, but I did it again. Then I ac.plished it. I finished. So, I encourage you, do it again. Tell someone. Besides all of that, it’s a great accountability factor. If you tell someone, some where along the way they are going to ask you, "By the way, how’s that book project .ing along." It serves automatically in bringing your attention right back to your goal. It even moves you forward to .pletion. So let’s recap those 3 simple steps that will seal your .mitment to write a book this year. First move your book writing up into the 3 top priorities of your life. Secondly, write your .mitment down and sign it. Put the world on notice that you’re serious about writing your book. Thirdly, tell someone. Don’t shuffle around any longer. Make your .mitment and seal it with the three tips above. You are sure to have your important message written in a book by this time next year. Get .anized, get a plan, write it down and get started. Best wishes for your success. I’m looking forward to seeing your name in print soon! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: