Laolai to see the Antarctic penguins money can’t buy a return ticket to the rule of La aspack

"Laolai" to see the Antarctic penguins   money can’t buy a ticket to return   the rule of Law — original title: "Laolai" to see the Antarctic penguin money can’t buy a return ticket in the first half of the province more than 13.7 on the "black list" suddenly on the "black list", not buy a ticket, "Laolai" panic, is in the field of tourism "Laolai" hastened to the 1 million 700 thousand yuan money, is returned to the Chinese Antarctic tourism "Laolai" immediately commissioned a friend to go to court and the applicant reached a settlement agreement. According to reports, the first half of this year, Henan courts to the Supreme Court dishonest debtor list library entry information more than 130 thousand cases, that is to say there are more than 13 "Laolai" was included in the blacklist. Not by plane is one of the limiting "Laolai" high consumption content. It is also very effective, here are a few "Laolai" can not be troubled by plane after the obligations of the story. Story 1 "Laolai" developers to Antarctic tourism money can not buy a return ticket to Henan in a real estate company owed about 1200000 yuan for projects for the implementation of people do not have each other to court, Sanmenxia Lake District Court ruled that the real estate company to pay the money to each other. But after the verdict, the real estate company has been no action. Finally, the court had to Lake District, the real estate company and its legal representative Wang Ming (a pseudonym) included in the court "blacklist". Wang Ming on the court blacklist is in April of this year, when he was in the Antarctic tourism, can not buy tickets, can not enter the country, can not return to the country, which can be a bad news. He hastened to find an agent to the court and requested by the parties to negotiate. The two sides finally reached a settlement agreement: Wang Ming has 3 sets of real estate mortgage company, and paid 300 thousand yuan money to perform, his name was temporarily from the "black list" was removed, it successfully bought a return ticket back to the country. Story 2 hide judges to travel to Hainan not to buy a ticket home new year panicked children Chen asked friends to borrow 120 thousand yuan, but agreed repayment period is half a year later, Chen is still not to mention what happened to the money. Helpless, friends will be sued chen. The court ordered Chen repayment, but he in the long-term, the judge repeatedly to him in the garden and home to find, always missing. The court put it on the blacklist". During the Spring Festival this year, Huiji District Court judge suddenly received his phone, this is the first time the court and Chen made dialogue. The original name is Hainan tourism, before you go, he is not on the "black list", to Hainan, just to catch up with the court put him into the "black list", he wanted to go home to Zhengzhou, because of the limit of high consumption, not buy a ticket. Have had asked Chen family give the money to the court, second days to perform, Chen was from the "black list", the "ban" to buy ticket from Hainan back to Zhengzhou. Story 3 cannot fly to Beijing to sign the contract immediately repay more than 170 yuan of loans by the civil mediation in Neixiang County Court confirmed that a Nanyang fire equipment company, Hu Fei (a pseudonym), Hu Qin (a pseudonym), Zhao should repay Nanyang branch of a bank loan of 240 yuan. After investigation, Nanyang fire equipment company Hu Qin name has 3 small cars)相关的主题文章: