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Golf Within a shortest amount of time, there must be some reasons why many new golfers could easily achieve a single handicap and easily outperform others. These group of golfers has one thing in .mon, that they know how to correct a hook golf swing every time they taking a shot. How long will it takes for you to achieve that same perfect shot? Hopefully not long enough for you to see that desired straight and smooth golf swing. If I ask you, wouldn’t you love to have that hooking problem to go away every time you making a shot? In order to correct hooking problem, you need to understand that knowing the right golf swing technique is the key to achieve straight and farther shot and not to mention achieving single handicap. In the process of getting the perfect shot, first, it is important for you to know what causes the hooking in your golf swing. Hook in golf swing is caused by a club face that is closed at impact which means that the club face is pointing slightly towards their body. The reason why this club face positioned this way is because as the club face .es through the ball with closed position of the face imparts counter-clockwise rotation on the ball. This gives the ability for the ball to spin to the right or to the left. How far to the left or right is depending on how severe you close the club face at impact. Hooking problem can be very difficult to cure if you continue adopting the same swing approach that you’re using now. However, even with a little proper guidance in your swing technique, you will able to eliminate this problem in just few days! Before we get started with the steps of how to correct hooking in your swing, think for a moment, have you ever been into a situation when you hit the ball and your ball started out straight, but one in which the ball moves to the right or left towards the end? That is exactly the golf hooking problem. If you continue to develop this problem each time you performing the golf swing, you will only going to end up with bogey or even a double bogey to each and every course you play. This is the main reason why you never be able to lower your score card and attain the single handicap. Doesn’t that make sense to you? The moment you know the basic fundamental principle on how to correct a hook golf swing, achieving the best golf game will be easier than you thought. Simply follow the set of guidance below and find out how you can mitigate this problem from happening again: Selecting The Right Golf Grip Selecting a proper golf grip is essential in correcting a hook in golf swing. It basically help by forcing the club face to remain square at impact which resulting to a solid impact with the golf ball. The right grip for a perfect swing is to form a crease between the thumb and palm of the right palm which pointing directly down the shaft of the golf club at the ball. With this golf grip it will help to ensure a square club face at contact which minimizes any sideways rotation on the golf ball. Creating Momentum Instead Of Forcing You need to understand that a perfect golf swing is .ing from a chain reaction from the backswing to the downswing. As you reached the top of the backswing, the possibilities of the club face to be closed is because of your arm have rotated faster than your body which mean the club face may be pas the squared to the ball position and slightly closed. That is why the hook problem occur which producing the left to right spin to the ball. That is why developing a proper golf swing is essential. Body Weight Shift Movement It is important to be sure to finish your swing with your weight shifted of your front foot. This by far the best cure to the golf hook problem. What most golfers do is usually to maintain their weight on their back foot. It is important to know when to shift your weight during performing your swing. Like I’ve mentioned above, these groups of new golfers are aware about the cause of the hooking problem in golf and that is the main reason they managed to successfully achieved their desired perfect swing. That is why having a proper guidance you will be assure to achieve the exact successful result as them. If you follow the exact same steps in advancing your golf problems you will able to acquire the golf swing that you desired. Eventually getting the single handicap will be no longer a myth to you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: