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Liantang port opening schedule Shenzhen exchanges produce more convenient – Beijing Liantang Heung Yuen Wai port construction project. Photograph: Chen Maobo blog connecting Hongkong and Eastern Shenzhen Liantang Heung Yuen Wai port, is expected to be opened in 2018, will be the first use of vehicles direct measures of Hongkong, Shenzhen port, but also between the seventh land crossings. Chen Maobo, director general of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region government, recently wrote that the progress of construction projects and project expenditures are in line with expectations, for the end of 2018 to complete all projects. Liantang Heung Yuen Wai Road and port connection at the start of 2013 section Chen Maobo said, each port construction, construction contracts have been approved, the engineering foundation pile column brigade building and other buildings have been completed recently, and carried out the superstructure; Fanling highway viaduct at the intersection of the assembly has been nearly half completed; Shan Tunnel the drilling and blasting engineering has entered the peak period. Liantang port is located in Shenzhen Luohu District City, Liantang Xiling Village Street (at the junction of Guangdong city of Shenzhen province and the Hongkong Special Administrative Region), will become the seventh land ports connecting shenzhen. Shenzhen between six existing land ports are: Luohu port, Futian port, Huanggang, Shenzhen bay port, wenjindukou port and Huanggang port. Another two sea ports: Shekou port and Shenzhen airport terminal in Fuyong. According to the plan, Liantang port covers an area of about 174 thousand square meters, covers an area of the elevated platform (including the brigade seized the building) of about 29 thousand and 700 square meters, with a total construction area of 75 thousand and 600 square meters. Port designed to determine the amount of traffic for 30 thousand passengers the next day, the vehicle’s natural day of 17850 cars, of which the truck is a natural day of the car for the car, the car is a natural day of the car on the 15 thousand, the bus is the natural day of the 850 cars on the day of the month, the car is a natural vehicle day of 2000. Elevated bridge at the junction of the port. Photograph: Chen Maobo blog, according to Hongkong media reports, Liantang Heung Yuen Wai port is a major infrastructure projects, including Port Road, connecting the passenger inspection building and cross-border bridge, project difficulty is high. Port link road 11 km, including a total of 5.7 km tunnel, a 4.3 km viaduct and a road of 1 km. The Longshan tunnel 4.8 kilometers long, after completion will be Hongkong’s longest land tunnel, the longest tunnel is now even 0.8 kilometers long. The tunnel through the complex formation, most of the use of advanced engineering drilling technology to reduce the impact on the residents, digging 14.1 meters in diameter used in tunnel drilling, equivalent to about four storeys high, Hongkong is always the second large tunnel boring machine. Liantang port is located between the Heung Yuen Wai Man Kam and Sha Tau Kok, to the eastern region of Hongkong and Guangdong Province as well as Fujian and Jiangxi cross-border traffic connection more convenient. The people of Hongkong, for example, to Chaozhou Fujian, no longer need to go through the busy downtown Shenzhen; travel to Shenzhen without passing through the busy road Fanling and Sheung Shui, driving to greatly shorten the time. Connecting the junction of the Longshan tunnel, 4.8 km long, will be the longest land tunnel in Hongkong. Liantang port project belongs to the Shenzhen Hong Kong cross-border Chi Foundation seven major projects in Hong Kong and Macao cooperation相关的主题文章: