Liar PS pornographic posing as the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the group of exto

Discipline inspection group in posing as a liar PS pornographic extortion public servants original title: Discipline staff posing as public officials in the fraud gang PS pornographic extortion CNR net Hefei on September 24th news according to Chinese sound "center wide news" reported by Zhang man as the leader of a fraud Gang, the Commission staff posing in public PS personnel pornographic extortion. They have produced 548 victims of pornographic, until the police were arrested, a total of 46 victims received a letter containing pornographic PS. At present, the 4 suspects have been prosecuted. In April this year, a public officer in Anhui received a letter from Guangxi, Beihai. The letter sent people posing as "the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Group Fifth" status, he said according to report, grasp the disadvantage for the public officers of the information, and he has the relevant evidence on hand, he asked the victim to an account transfer 140 thousand yuan. Subsequently, the staff on the police reported to the police. In the police during the investigation, police found that not only the alarm officer received a similar letter, and in their units, 8 colleagues have also received the same alarm and men of letters and pictures of blackmail and impose exactions on but did not succeed. Police then also on the matter to initiate an investigation, the suspect Moumou and other four people were arrested in May 19th of this year. After further police investigation, since 2013, the suspect Moumou together with three other suspects has repeatedly implemented to discipline inspection group PS pornographic, posing in personnel, the government, enterprises and institutions of the leading cadres, to grasp the victim privacy or illegal grounds, threatened by post blackmail and impose exactions on letters. The implementation of extortion. After the police suspect crime activities further search, verification of 548 victims of information, after further verification, of which 46 victims have received PS containing pornographic photo but they are not blackmail and impose exactions on letters to the suspect’s account remittance. Source: Central Broadcasting Network Editor: SN117 Kun Qu相关的主题文章: