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Self-Improvement Where in the history of the world are we? Right smack bang at the centre of whatever pattern we are working out at this point of ‘time’. It’s OK to be striving and struggling – sometimes this dynamic goes hand in hand with focusing on your goals. Do you feel as if someone shifted your axis while you were sleeping? Did someone move your game board pieces, are you wondering what gives with that attitude? This is the feeling you get when patterns start to shift within you. Feelings of unbalance and being a little suspicious of circumstances signify that the usual roundup of suspects is departing and a new reality is dawning, perhaps a new consciousness magnetizing goodwill awaits before you. Sometimes the shift is cataclysmic, like a volcano erupting, spewing out its inner core revealing a hungry vociferous beast. But how will you know if the shift in your axis is a Life Path Alignment or just you falling off the edge of the Earth as it turns? I modestly and with great respect for your personal journey re.mend a litmus test, a Soul Synergy exercise to check if you are in line with your soul’s true intention as conceived with deep clarity and purity of intention at incarnation. Firstly, warm up your heart-space by breathing into it and feeling the energy expand, (honestly if it helps to put a liniment on your chest, do so!) Get the area around your heart chakra warmed up and maintain the warmth for the duration of this exercise. Imagine in front of you a small key opening a treasure box, even before you open it there is light pouring out. Up flips the lid and sitting in the box is a miniature, vibrant version of you, full of positivity, self-assurance and goodwill. Next create an imaginary bridge between your warmed heart space and you in the treasure box. Ask any question and imagine the ‘treasure box you’ rolling a gold nugget, silver coin or exquisite jewel along the bridge and into your heart-space. As you receive it in your heart-space a smile of delight lights up your face before you sink a moment into the wisdom you have just received. It can be one word, a feeling, an understanding, a colour, a whole plan, a new concept, an answer, a warning … the list goes on. There is no judgment here, just receiving your gift to bring you into alignment with your soul’s life path and your original intention at incarnation. Say thank you to the ‘treasure box you’, dissipate the bridge, close and lock the treasure box. True this technique is almost childishly simple but I assure you the absolute truths received gem by gem as you are gently re- aligning with your individual blueprint of purpose for this lifetime can be enlightening and bring you closer to the lessons you need to learn in order to progress along your life path. It’s all about insight from a soul-healing perspective. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: